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How to get a Blue Check on Twitter

Author: Tayyab Zakki
by Tayyab Zakki
Posted: Jun 16, 2019
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A blue checkmark signifies that Twitter has verified users’ accounts. Many of the brands, companies, and journalists have obtained a blue check on their Twitter.

Plenty of the users have received blue checks on their account. They consider themselves lucky enough for getting blue check marks on their profile. Many of the brands, celebrities, and journalists have received the authenticity badges.

Now the question arises in the mind of users, which type of account is suitable to be verified by Twitter? The answer to that question is as under:

Twitter verifies accounts to make it convenient for users to find who they are looking for. Twitter concentrates on frequently needed users in music, media, advertising, acting, fashion, politics, government, religion, journalism, and other key interest fields. Twitter verifies business partners from time after time.

If someone meets the criteria for verification but have not received a badge, they must wait. It might be possible Twitter is working within key interest areas for verifying accounts that are needed by other Twitter users. Twitter asks its system to verify accounts that meet certain criteria. Verification means to authenticate identity; however, Twitter has verified many accounts belonging to different areas of life. These accounts have received a blue badge with a white check mark

If you are curious to get blue checks on your account, you can get verified on Twitter by using five simple ways.

Fill up the form of Twitter’s Verification

First of all, you must fill up the form of Twitter’s verification request. Now you need to be logged into your target Twitter account to accomplish the form. You are required to have the following things on your profile.

    1. A verified phone number
    2. A confirmed email address
    3. A bio
    4. A profile photo
    5. A header photo
    6. Your birthday
    7. Your website
    8. Tweets set to "Public."

If you have created your profile successfully, you need to enter the user’s name of the account that you want to be verified by Twitter.

Fill in the Missing Requirements

In the process of optimizing your profile, you need to be vigilant. Never miss any required information from Twitter. If you leave any area unfilled, you will receive a message "Account Not Eligible for Review." You are informed to fill in the missing information for another chance to submit yourself for verification.

You can get a verification badge by these clues
  • You should use a real name or real brand’s name to get verified
  • Select genuine photo for your profile, which reflects the
  • person or brands end etc.
  • Be sure the Twitter account is active.
  • Your bio should define an area of expertise.
  • vChoose a professional image for your profile.
  • Introduce additional websites to verify your identity.
Highlight your vision of why you should be verified

Now the important thing is why Twitter systems should verify you. For this, you should make clear your point, vision, or objective. You should explain whether you are an individual demonstrator or advertising a company or brand etc.

You need to submit your verification appeal

Finally, you should submit your verification request after providing all the information about you. Twitter will send you a message on your email account.


Nowadays, it has become convenient to get verification on Twitter. Anyone can quickly get verification, and if you have verified your account successfully, then it might be possible that you can

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