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Your 9H Nano Coating Can Do this? Are You Sure?

Author: Exppress Carwash
by Exppress Carwash
Posted: Jun 21, 2019

For professionals in the car detailing industry, there exists an exact and clear difference between coating, wax & sealant. For them, it impossible to confuse between for each other. But for general customers, who make effort to understand about the best car detailing product, these all three the same. The only main difference that they understand; the price range.

With Nano ceramic coating; the most cost-wise and professional, hence customers would hesitate at first. Lastly, all the outcome looks the same. Why should they prefer the most expensive car detailing service from the offering?

Ever Thought of "9H CERAMIC COATING?"

Got a new car?

Thinking to get it a coating of paint protection?

Undoubtedly, get all sort of paint protection methods for your love and still, you are not sure about ultimate protection. Well, not to worry as Exppress Car Wash is here to recommend you the best technique. This car coating process works perfectly across the globe, giving your cars a lasting shine! Nano ceramic coating; a detailing process that works better than waxes, sealants, and wraps. This shield comes in variations which allow your coat paint and undercarriage to have a long life. It even ensures that your car’s exterior surface, glass, windshield, and trim possess professional touch up. Defined stage and process constitute the coating application.

Nano Ceramic Coating in General:

Ceramic Coating; latest paint-protection system that is definitely the world’s best automotive paint sealant. All thanks to its unique formula, durability, sheen, and extremely low maintenance. Along with this; very cost effective. With this ultimate protection, your love will truly appear new and elegant. You would never require to apply wax to your car again and again. You will even have an unbeatable lasting shine. This 9H ceramic coating protects your car from UV rays, acid rain, bird dropping, and most importantly chemical etching.

Why does customer demand Nano Ceramic Coating?

Paint sealants available at car detailing studio have silicone-base. This means they degrade with time and under extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, 9H ceramic coatings use nanotechnology along with polymer science. It strictly to bonds with your vehicle’s paint.

In gist, your vehicle’s coating will not degrade under any weather condition and UV exposure. You can maintain the sheen and gloss levels for a very long period. Minor scratches and swirl marks can never occur over the surface with proper maintenance. The ceramic coating definitely handles road grime, bird droppings, and grits much better than any normal coating of wax or sealant. In addition to this, you can easily wash and rinse away the dirt and dust from the car’s surface. Along with it, don’t worry about any harm to your 9H nano coating.

They just settle inside minute pores on the car’s exterior finish, you can easily wash off with any common detergent. Moreover, with the use of Nano ceramic coating, you can easily protect the car’s paint permanently against all the chemical attacks. External harms or environmental pollutant includes insect fluids, acid rain, road grime, tree sap, acid rain, and bird droppings. Few of the unique qualities of the 9H ceramic coating.

USPs of Nano Ceramic Coating:

  • Suitable for any paint colour of cars & bikes.
  • The most effective solution to paint protection against all harmful elements.
  • Glossy, shine and elegant look on the paint.
  • Incredible scratch and mar-resistance.
  • Strictly repels water, dust, and grime.

Most of the ceramic coating systems would protect the car for at least 5 years! This age is without any re-layering, re-application or car cleaning products. The ceramic coating also demands a minimal and very simple maintenance process. At this time, make sure of regular car washing using any reliable car wash shampoo. Always try to avoid any car wash shampoos with any additives as they might dull the paint’s appearance.

What’s So Unique About 9H Ceramic Coating?

A lot many things.

So, when your customers ask that question, you’ll give these specific answers.

  • Lasts Much Longer

Ceramic coating; Opti Coat last 10 times longer than any traditional sealants and wax. Simply, considering a wax layer may last for 1 month, you’ll demand to reapply it minimum 12 times a year. Whereas, car sealants last for about 6 months, which is twice a year. Then, further, you’ll have to visit back to the detailing studio for reapplication. When you use 9H ceramic coating, it can easily last up to a minimum of 4 years!

  • Saves wasting time

Nano Ceramic coating simply cuts down the cleaning time to half. That’s exactly less portion of the time you dedicate to washing the car’s exterior surface. Also, consumes a shorter time on cleaning up after revving past a muddy road particularly. Opti Coat; Nano ceramic coating; perfect for this task when cleaning the surface of vehicles. Just don’t trust the word, try it out.

Professional Carwashing & Detailing: Serving Car Care Owners

  • 9H Protection Against Weather:

With 9 times more efficiency in fighting foreign element and harsh weather, your vehicle’s surface safety from everything including all seasons changes. Scorching sunlight glaring down in hot summer? Nano ceramic coating strictly fights back the UV rays. Does the windscreen have ice in chilling winter? Opti Coat reduces de-icing time.

  • Reduction in contaminant Attachments:

Ceramic coating strictly reduces attachment, making your car wash an easy task.

Bird droppings all over car roof, hood, and bumper?

Car parking can turn out risky due to tree sap.

With 9H Nano ceramic coating, you can easily reduce the adherence of such contaminants. You even permit easier car wash after coating application. Just a spritz of Opti Coat can lift contaminant easily and permit you to get rid in just one wipe.

  • Harsh Chemical Less Usage:

Because ceramic coating permits easier contaminant removal, it even means that you don’t require to use harsh cleaning chemicals. Just an instant soaping up and rinsing down the car can remove most of the dirt and debris. 9H Nano-coating does the task perfectly mainly when dealing with brake dust.

  • Retains Original Gloss:

After years, your car turns dull and loses its shine. The dusty roads, scorching sun, and heavy rain, pulls back the shine of the surface and it appears dull. That’s why car coating is a popular choice. It strictly retains the initial showroom shine of your car.

  • Increases Paint Hardness:

To make things simple, measurement of paint’s hardness; generally with pencil hardness. Pencil hardness ranges from 1B to 10H. The number next to alphabet H is the pencil’s hardness so as to put a scratch in the car exterior surface. Generally, cars have soft paint ranging 2-4H which can have mars and marks easily with certain micro-marring. You’ll easily notice them under the sun. Ceramic coating for cars helps to lessen micro marring; enhancing the paint hardness.

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