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A Perfect Yoga Diet Plan That Every Yogi Must Know

Author: Guru Shwaasa
by Guru Shwaasa
Posted: Jun 21, 2019
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Practicing yoga, lifting weights, doing cardio or going to the gym isn’t enough; following a healthy or yoga diet is also important. Even in ancient times, much importance was given to it by the yogis. They believed that consuming proper nutrition prevents and cures diseases, makes you emotionally stable, brings mindfulness, changes a person’s character as well as perspective, etc. Because of its amazing benefits, the same theory has revived again.

Importance of yoga diet

As per the ancient yogis, the human body is composed of fire known as "Agni" which breaks and transforms the food into a finer substance called "Ojas" used to build the human body. Consuming unwholesome food weakens Agni as it forces Agni to work harder. It produces less Ojas required to build the human body. This gives birth to an additional substance "Amma" which harms the body. To understand the same on a deeper level, you can enroll for yoga teacher training in Nepal or yoga teacher training in India.

This leads to a conclusion that consuming unhealthy food weakens the Agni and eventually, develops amma. Hence, it is essential that you must maintain a yoga diet.

Yoga diet to enhance health

Though there is no prescribed yoga diet to be followed, but it must be consumed in pure form. Consuming wrong food makes you feel dull, lethargic, heavy and uncomfortable; whereas, good food energizes you and make you feel light.

The ancient yogis categorized food in three main categories such as rajasic, sattvic and tamasic food.

Rajasic food: This category belongs to food that was served to the kings in the old age. An entire diet consisted of 56 varieties of bitter, spicy, salty food inclusive of fried food, sweets, beverages, etc. Such food is heavy and fatty and therefore, considered undesirable for yogis.

Tamasic food: Non-vegetarian food is often considered as tamasic food. However, any food that is created using too many spices, salt and chili falls under this category. Such food creates body heat and thus, results in anger and harsh temperament. This certainly cancels it out from a yogi’s diet plan.

Sattvic food: As per yoga as well as Ayurveda, this category of food is considered as the purest form. It includes food items such as fruits, dairy products, nuts, seeds, wholegrain, natural sweeteners like honey. Such type of food promotes a healthy body, emotional stability, peace of mind and longer life. In fact, during the ancient times, yogis diet were mostly sattvic in nature.

Pre and post-yoga meal tips

Eating healthy pre and post your yoga is also important. It empowers your body and helps in accomplishing the goals in life. Here are some of the pre and post yoga meal tips:

Pre-yoga meal tips

  • Avoid taking caffeine before the yoga class
  • Keep yourself hydrated before you start with the yoga practice. Be sure enough to do the same at least 30 minutes prior
  • Build a habit of consuming a snack an hour prior to the practice
  • Avoid intake of spicy food

Post yoga meal tips

  • After an intense workout make sure to have enough fluids
  • Avoid tamasic or rajasic food post yoga practice; instead, follow sattvic food

Benefits of a yoga diet

Adhering to sattvic food offers a myriad of benefits. Here are some of the crucial benefits:

  • Induces digestion and cures stomach issues such as constipation, gas, aches, etc.
  • Promotes detoxification process in all of the bodily systems
  • Eases the mind and body and make you feel lighter
  • Keeps the colon clean and hence, results in weight loss
  • Combining yoga along with sattvic food and lifestyle removes the blockage in the body

These tricks help you follow a perfect yoga diet that everyone must know. You can also enroll for yoga teacher training in Nepal for a deeper understanding.

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The Author is a Traveler and a Yoga Teacher in India.He loves writing on yoga related stuff. He has been practioning yoga from last 7 years.His strong connection with yoga has made him to organize Yoga classes.

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