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The Benefits Of Upgrading Your Computer

Author: Zeb Wales
by Zeb Wales
Posted: Jun 21, 2019
computer upgrades

Left face it, Computers aren’t cheap so by having affordable computer upgrades performed you can easily extend the life and performance of your computer so you don’t even need to think about that next trip to the appliance store to potentially fork out thousands of dollars.

Lets go over some of the benefits of having computer upgrades done that some people simply may not be aware of.

Better Security

A lot of people tell me all the time about how important security is to them. We use our computers for so many personal things these days such as communicating with friends and family, performing bank transactions and perhaps an online purchase or two.

All of the things we have mentioned above are accompanied with highly private and personal data. By making sure you regularly update your computer you can be sure to know you have all the latest and greatest security updates from either Microsoft or Apple.

If you are not sure if you are running the latest Microsoft Windows or other software contact your local computer technician today for support.


We all have our favourite programs, websites and streaming services to use. Sometimes these beloved services require that your software be on the very latest version to be compatible with what they are offering.

To eliminate the possibility of one of these services all of a sudden stopping you should always perform regular updates to make sure your computer or laptop always stays compatible and current with all those beloved services.

Once again if you are not sure if you are running the latest version we recommend you speak with your local Computer store who may even provide the advice for free.

Length Of life

We have seen plenty of evidence here to suggest that keeping your device up to date with both Software and Hardware will extend the devices length of live by a significant amount.

Forcing your computer to run on outdated software puts the system under unnecessary pressure which in turn makes the parts and components inside your computer work twice as hard. By keeping things all up to date you can relax knowing your computer is running just the way it should.

Speed & Performance

We find this to be one the most beneficial and common reasons users have both Software and Hard Computer Upgrades performed. The performance and speed benefits that can be gained by having the right part installed in your machine is amazing.

We have seen plenty of cases where a Laptop and Desktop has seen a 300%+ boost in performance by having various computer hardware components such as Ram and SSD drives installed.

Due to the decreasing cost of Computer parts this is becoming a more reliable and realistic option.


For me personally and I’m sure a lot of other this is a hugely important one. One of the biggest benefits of keeping your Computer up to date or having updates performed is reliability. The more you keep the system up to date, than the smaller the chance of it having any issues in the future.

Myself and others around me rely heavily on Computers, Laptops and other devices and just simply cannot afford to be without them in any way. If this sounds like you then I highly suggest you start making sure that trusted device is kept up to date to be running as smooth as possible.

Should you be not sure where you stand after reading this article I suggest you give your local Computer Service store a call and seek some advice.

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Father of 3. Lover of Technology and Photography. Business owner specializing in IT Services.

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