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Benefits of Using Beard Oil

Author: Adam Akil
by Adam Akil
Posted: Jun 24, 2019
beard oil

While beard oil has been around for thousands of years (going back as far as ancient times, the relatively recent comeback of beards as a fashionable item has meant that not many men today understand how to take proper care of their facial hair.

Which means that in addition to their beards looking shaggy (and growing that awful facial dandruff), they also have to struggle each day with the unbearable, non-stop itch that comes with an unkempt mane. Luckily for them, beard oil provides a simple enough solution for all their problems, helping them grow beards that look better, feel good, smell nice, and will be the envy of their friends and the subject of admiration among women. Let's see which are the key benefits of using beard oil every day.

it Moisturizes Your Skin and Facial Hair

While sporting a full grown beard is amazing, there's no way that you can understand how uncomfortable it feels until you've grown one yourself. And I'm not talking about the soup and vegetables that get stuck on your beard, but rather about the constant itching and that hot feeling in your skin which is caused by a dry, unkempt beard.

Because facial hair extracts much of the natural oils in your face, having a full beard means that your skin will quickly become dry, which will also lead you to develope that dreaded beard dandruff and the itch that comes with it. Keeping your beard, and the skin underneath it, hydrated and moisturized will not only help you prevent the itchiness and beard dandruff, but will also make your beard look much better, and keep your face feeling soft and fresh for longer.

Beard oils are made using oils like Jojoba, Castor, or Almond, which are nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and even improve the production of your skin's natural oils. They also have a strong component of vitamins and other nutrients which help keep the skin moisturized and healthy, even in harsh environments where the weather is too hot or too cold. In essence, beard oil is like hair conditioner for your beard, but with all the benefits of a good skin moisturizer added to it.

it Gets Rid of The Itching

Itchiness is our skin's natural reaction to dryness. A beard that is unkempt will dry out the skin out of which it grows, making it difficult for your sebaceous glands to replenish the oil they produce, which in turn means that your skin will become dry and flaky. Under normal conditions, the oil produced by these glands is used to keep your face hydrated and soft; but once you start growing a beard this oil is used to help your hairs grow, which in turn takes away vital nutrients from your skin.

Beard oil helps to restore the balance on your skin by supplying all the necessary oils so that both your skin and facial hair can remain healthy at the same time. The longer your beard is, the more oil you're going to need to take care of it. But beard oil isn't just a replacement to your own sebum. In fact, it also stimulates its production, so it works hand in hand with your natural oils instead of against them.

it Will Make Your Beard Smell Good

Just because you want to look like a mountain man doesn't mean that you have to smell like one too! Like any other part of our body, a beard needs to be taken care off in order to make you look presentable. Men who fail to take proper care of their beards are in for a rough surprise when their ladies reject a kiss because their beards smell like a sweaty armpit. That's because your beard helps trap sweat under you facial hair, which makes the skin under it become a breeding ground for all types of bacteria.

But washing your beard every day is not necessarily the solution, since this debilitates the natural oils that protect your skin, and will eventually create a mess full of dandruff under your facial hair. In addition to its moisturizing benefits, the natural ingredients which are used to make beard oils make wonders for your beard's smell, giving it the sweet fragrance of scents like vanilla or cinnamon, without having to apply any perfumes (which are full of unhealthy chemicals) to it.

So next time that you're using your girlfriend's shampoo, think about how awesome your beard would smell with manly scents like cedarwood, pine needles, or even tobacco. Whatever you choose, remember that wherever you go your beard will always be under your nose, so you might as well get rid of that crappy flowery shampoo smell and pick something you like.

it Prevents Dandruff From Growing Under Your Beard

Dandruff are a natural by-product of a dry skin, and rather than just limiting itself to your head it can appear in any place of your body that isn't properly hydrated. Naturally, because a beard depletes the natural oils produced under the skin, men who grow beards eventually start developing flakes beneath their facial hair. The best solution to this problem is to simply make sure that your beard stays hydrated all the time, and that your skin has nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy.

This can be easily achieved by just applying beard oil in your face every day after you've finished taking a bath. Once applied, beard oil will not only keep your face hydrated through the rest of your day, but will actually stimulate your skin's oil glands to increase their production, and therefore keep your skin moist and soft using only natural oils.

Once you start applying beard oil regularly you will notice how not only your skin feels fresher, as the dandruff becomes a thing of the past, but also see how your hair grows thicker and softer than before. Which is why we saved the best benefit for last.

it Will Help You Grow Your Beard

While some men seem to be able to grow a beard between their meals, others need to stay away from the razor for weeks (or even months!) before they start seeing some results. Luckily for them, modern beard oils are full of vitamins and nutrients that stimulate hair growth, such as vitamin E - which is the most important component involved in hair health. Vitamin E promotes the growth of the tiny capillary blood vessels responsible for providing blood to the hair follicles.

The more blood that the capillaries can provide to your hair, the more nutrients it will get, and therefore the stronger and faster it will grow. But although you can find vitamin E in many foods, it is mainly found on oils which are unhealthy if consumed in excess. But being applied topically over the skin means that your body can absorb the benefits of vitamin E without having to ingest the harmful fats carried on unrefined oils.

Whether you're growing a 5 o'clock shadow, going for the classical mustashe or aiming for the full burly beard look, beard oils have many benefits for your skin and facial hair. In fact, more than 3,000 years of use and millions of satisfied hairy men certify that beard oil is the ideal personal hygiene and grooming product for beards of all shapes and sizes. Not only does it gets rid of dryness and dandruff, but at the same time it also helps you grow an impressive mane that other men will respect, and women will love to kiss.

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