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Small and Short Beard Styles for Men of All Ages and Face Shapes

Author: Syed Tutul
by Syed Tutul
Posted: Dec 29, 2019
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The short beard styles are very easy to maintain. This means you need to spend less time in the morning for grooming before going to work or to a meeting. Short beard styles are also easy to differ from one another. In case of a long beard style, a little mess can change the style you wear. There are also some interesting benefits of wearing a short beard style like you don’t need to worry about the heavy wind or rain or if you are eating something there are lesser chances for food to stick on your beard. Another thing is short beard styles look good on almost everyman. Maybe you already know some of these positive sides that’s why I decided to wear a short beard style.

Best Small And Short Beard Styles For Men:

Which one is best, it’s a very hard thing to tell in case of short beard styles. Look for yourself those amazing short beard styles & choose the one you like…

01. Full Beard Style

A full beard is considered as the most basic but classic beard style. Though full beard style is mostly known as a long beard style. But you can also wear this as a short beard style. You don’t need to grow your beard much in case you want to wear a short full beard. The interesting thing about a full beard style is that it doesn’t have any specific shape or size. Let your beard grow naturally. Sometimes it is also called the natural beard style.

To trim a full beard take your trimmer, attach the comb & trim any over lengthening beard. Trim regularly to maintain this look. This style suits most of the face shapes.

02. Goatee Styles Most Popular Small Beard Styles

Goatee styles are extremely popular in this modern era. There are lots of goatee styles out there like royal goatee, petite goatee, etc. Goatee can be a combination of both beard & mustache. The most basic goatee style includes facial hair on your chin, also can be incorporated with your mustache. If you like goatee styles then you should read our article on goatee styles where you will find out the most popular goatee styles with directions to wear them.

03. Balbo Short Beards

When it comes to the Balbo beard, the person who wore it best is Christian Bale. It’s mostly suitable along with a floating chevron mustache. In the case of this style, the sideburns are completely shaved & a gap between hair & beard also appears. The facial hair is more prominent in the mustache & chin areas. It’s actually a combination of Chevron mustache & Goatee.

To trim this beard style you don’t need to make any sharp edge. The edges are kept natural. Don’t let your beard & mustache grow much. Trim regularly to maintain the look. If you need more inspiration on this beard style then look Tony Stark ( Robert John Downey Jr) in Iron Man & Avengers movies.

04. Short Stubble Simple, Classic Look – Easy To Achieve From The Comfort Of Your Own Bathroom…

This is the shortest beard style available, but it provides a simple & classic appearance. Actually, it’s a scruffy style with short facial hair. It’s the most easy-wearing beard style available.

To wear this style let your mustache & beard grow for a weak. Now you need to do is add some details. Take your trimmer & provide your neckline & the top of your chick bones very subtle details. Trim very slightly to that direction, not much above, just the bottom line. It doesn’t necessary that all the sides will look similar. Make sure you don’t make any sharp lines. Trim every day to keep this flattering look.

05. Short Boxed Short Beards

This beard style is mostly accepted everywhere. Chris pine is one of the most handsome men out there who wore this beard style. Actually, it’s a stubble beard but with sharp box-shaped edges. There is one thing you should consider to highlight this style, you need to have thick beard hair. Otherwise, the edges won’t be visible much.

To wear this style let your beard grow about a half-inch in length. Use a single-bladed razor to make the edges for the best result. Create sharp edges so the box shape becomes visible.

06. Dutch Beard

Dutch beard style is a long beard in the short beard styles category. This style is actually a lumberjack type of facial hair expression. It’s called the old school style as well. But don’t go with that, it looks great on many people.

To wear this beard style first you need to grow a long full beard. This beard style doesn’t include any mustache. Shave your mustache completely. Let your beard grow outwards & allow to flare from the sides. Shave the chin areas besides your mustache & make edges. Keep the ends of your beard rounded shaped. To maintain this style you need to comb your beard several times a day & shave your mustache every day.

07. Mutton Chops Beard

This beard style includes long & bushy sideburns connected to your mustache. It’s a very old & classic beard style along with a mustache. But now this style is being worn with style by many men. The most popular example of this beard style is Wolverine (James Howlett).

To make this beard style let your beard grow for a couple of months. Then take your trimmer start trimming the beard below your bottom lip. Don’t trim sideway. Trim your beard from neck & jawline. Let the flared sideburns connect to hair & mustache. To maintain this look trim the areas stated regularly.

Here are the most popular short beard styles you can wear easily. Hope you have chosen the one you like. You need to choose a beard style according to your face shape. If you have any difficulties in choosing the right style then you can see our post on Best Beard Styles for Men. There you will find the names of best beard styles according to your face shape. And the last but not least thing you should know, wash & comb your beard every day several times to avoid the messy look. Enjoy your new beard style & let the world see your new extraordinary beard style.

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