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Adopt A Guinea Pig And Give Them New Life

Author: Guinea Pig
by Guinea Pig
Posted: Jun 28, 2019
guinea pig

Guinea pig rescue centres are a great vicinity to shop if you need a new pet and a ‘feel good factor’ of giving a loving guinea pig a new home and second chance at a good and happy life. There are lots of animal rescues shelters around the world where people can visit and chose to adopt a loving guinea pig. Rescue centres are not always the first choice when sourcing a new pet, but are an important option as there are plenty of loving animals wanting and waiting for new houses and to be a member of a brand new family.

Animals taken to a rescue centre or animal shelter are often a result of abandoned or unwanted pets or unwanted litters from unplanned pet pregnancies; even though the animals themselves are sweet natured and wants to be part of a happy home.

When choosing a guinea pig or some other pet from a rescue centre it is important to speak in depth to the care centre staff to gain expertise of the way the animal came to be at the centre. Before picking a pet from the centre make certain that you fully check the animal for any signs of poor health or behavioural problems. Most animals at a shelter could be timid and nervous but ought to settle quickly when dealt with, especially smaller animals like guinea pigs and rabbits.

It’s far prudent to first consider if there are any buyers for them. But the desire to own one is not the only criteria for looking for responsible owners. Without the right care, they can be a massive problem. Many die absolutely because of poor care - do not let them adopt a guinea pig and become part of the mortality statistics. Guinea pig breeders must consider the potential home which will adopt them. Without adequate love, care and interest, they can succumb to sickness and diseases - and that is not what you want.

You will need to prepare a cage for your guinea pig before than you can bring her home. Unlike most other small pets, guinea pigs do not want a totally-enclosed cage. You also don’t need to worry about elaborate tubes, turrets, wheels, or exercising balls - these things can certainly harm guinea pig and that they do not certainly healthy in most of them, anyway.

Guinea pigs need lots of space. There are many places online where rescue guinea pigs are for sale, they recommend that a single guinea pig has at the least 7.5 square feet of space. That’s a big cage! Unfortunately, most pet store cages are too small, expensive, or just downright unsuitable for pigs. Cavies should now not be saved in terrariums because they do not have sufficient airflow, nor must they be stored in cages with wire bottoms.

Much like with the Guinea Pig C&C Cages, your hamster expectations have to go out the window while you bring home a cavy. The phenols in cedar and un-kilned pine can cause piggy breathing infections and must be avoided.

Fleece bedding keeps guinea pig secure, reusable, lovable, and makes it simpler to tell if your pet is eliminating properly. You can buy ready-made fleece bedding systems for your pig, or make your own.


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