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What is Data Science, Machine Learning, & Artificial Intelligence?

Author: Shaumik Maurya
by Shaumik Maurya
Posted: Jun 28, 2019

These days you must have heard "data science". People say, this is future and many trending talks are going on this.

There are many misconceptions for data science, machine learning and AI. I would like to teach you in simple language, what are these.

Start with Data Science…

What is Data Science?

Data science is not more than an analysis of "Big Data".

Why this term is trending now? Because these days we have to work with a big database. A few years ago, we can put all data into an Excel sheet, use filters and formulas to analyze data. With huge data, like Google database, Amazon database or any big company database, we need to use Data Science.

"Data Science is a mechanics to analyze data, And to analyze data we use Python or other languages."

What are the Advantages of Data Science?

  1. To find out accurate results.
  2. To analyze data simply without wasting huge time.
  3. To enhance product and services.

You might have seen many times, "Is this answer correct", "rate this chat", "rate this video call", "rate this app", and etc.

Big business needs the regular update, for this they need human help. They want their user to write a review for them to improve their services. When you rate a chat to write a review, the system detects which phone you are using, what is RAM status, What processor your phone is having and etc.

Data Scientist analyzes all these parameters and finds out the area of improvement. Data Scientist is a scientist who analyzes the data and finds out accurate results.

I think you got the point, what is data science. Now let’s look at machine learning.

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What is Machine Learning?

In Simple Language, to enhance machine behavior like a human is machine learning.

How to teach a machine?

The machine learns as a human learns. The difference is, the machine learns in patterns.

Example - If you show many dog pictures to a machine, it will create a pattern to recognize a dog. As your camera recognize your face, Google recognizes your voice by saying "ok google" three to six times.

It means a machine needs large data to make a pattern. If the pattern matches the pattern of the machine it recognizes or fails. Here, big data and data science come in work. Nowadays, developers are teaching everything to the machine, so that it acts like a human.

Why machine learning is important?

Machine learning is making life easy, and in the future, most of the things will depend on machines like driving cars, hotel reservation on reception, the security of the building, school teachers, software engineers and etc.

I mean to say, almost all the works can be done by machines in futures. There may be some demerits of this but this is today’s trend.

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In a big scale, machines are taught and making them as human.

I think, now you know what is machine learning and how a machine is taught?

Now’s let's move to see Artificial Intelligence…

Artificial Intelligence term came into the world between 1950 to 1970. That time, the term was not so popular because of less database but now it is trending because we are dealing with huge database.

What is AI or Artificial Intelligence?

Artificially develop a machine intelligence like a human is called Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence needs "machine learning" and "data science".

Machine learning is a subset of "Artificial Intelligence", and deep learning is a subset of machine learning.

[Artificial Intelligence => {Machine Learning => (Deep Learning )}]

What is the difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence?

Suppose, you teach a machine to play football, the machine can play football nicely. However, if you just give a bat to play a cricket match, then the machine will fail because the machine has not learned this. Here, Artificial intelligence comes, here machine will develop self-thoughts to play cricket.

In Artificial Intelligence, the machine will act like a human. In different situations, as you make decisions, the machine will be able to take the decision even for a very new situation which the machine never faced.

Now you got the point between machine learning and artificial intelligence. AI is a very powerful tool which can change the world.


I taught, all important information about machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence and also told how artificial intelligence is different from machine learning. If you like the content, comment me and bookmark this page. I reply to all comments. Thank you

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