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How to do Keyword Analysis for your Business

Author: AK Digihub
by AK Digihub
Posted: Jun 28, 2019

keyword analysis and keyword optimization, When we talk about something which is related to business then the conclusion of the story should be based on windfall profit along with Knowledge Base. Before we get started, we should understand one of the major things for business-prospects when we ready to write a blog or an article with optimized keywords. So read more about How to research exact keyword analysis for with help of keyword research tool your business and keyword optimization.

Keyword Analysis for Business Advertising

You start a business, but you will not be in profit until and unless people will buy it. If we think about 8 years back advertising trend in the market. It would be completely different. Earlier it was happening with a lot of banner Ad, print Ad, and TV Ad. But now the trend has been changed that a lot and marketing is all about internet market and people are spending most of their time in internet space so if we want to capture our market than you have to create your visibility in internet space.

Target Audience

Target Audience is a demographic that people interested in your product or service. We need to understand what kind of customer wants our product or service. Earlier Whatever it was happening in the physical market and user used to go market to buy it and now the consumer is very lazy or you can say that customers don’t want to kill their time in buying kinds of stuff from outside the market if they have the option to be done from home itself through internet market. So, in very simple word we can say that whole physical marketing has been turning into an online space market and doing business in the online, competition is very much high. You are very much aware of your niche customer to do advertisement with a specific base of audience.

If you have a digital marketing company than your target audience will be those who recently started their business or blog in online space. It’s not only business and blog but It could anything and those who want good visibility in the internet market.

Google My Business

Google my business is playing a very important role in your business. It helps to create good visibility in your business. Using optimize keyboard in your Google my business account. Write perfect and accurate information about your business.

Tips to optimize your Google business
  • Complete your Google Business profile
  • Add Business hours
  • Update contact details where customer can contact you.
  • Verify your Account with a verification code.
  • Post all new offer and new update about your business which will create user engagement better.
  • Add Ad words account with Google business profile

Search Engine Optimization – write an effective and well-arranged article for SEO. Keyword optimization is a part of keyword research which includes

Research on your niche item?

Find niche item is kind of listing your business portfolio. We should find our business niche before we start and before executing our business, we should find out where we are good at and who all is our niche customer to get exponential growth in our business.

Customer Persona:

A customer persona is you’ reinterested for your customer. It gives you insight into what your prospective customers are thinking and doing as they weigh potential options that address the problem they want to solve.

Digital Customer Persona:

Age, gender and market category of your organic audience. Mainly, those who are indulging into side goals or engaging positively with your site.

Which content page is popular with your digital audience?

How does this preferred audience traverse your website? Due to site bloat, are they overwhelmed in their experience? When reviewing their landing page, second page, third-page behavior, does there appear to be any roadblocks or confusion due to navigation flaws, lack of supporting navigation, or lack of calls to action in the page body area?

Non-Digital Persona Creation – Now that we have a pretty good sense of what our site users are doing on-site, broken down by demographic and market segment, it’s time to shut down the PC and Silent your phones. Start some effective conversation about the organizational customers we know through interaction.

Keyword Research – Now you have a customer persona with you and you know what your niche customer is. Now in a recent survey, A very hardest task in search engine marketing. Its ironic optimizing keyword is a very important phase for SEO and PPC. if you are not using keyword in your Website Content then you will not be visible for your target Audience. It indicates, your business will not be able to give enough traffic and a good amount of sale even if you have a very good product until and unless you are not using effective keyword in your website content.

So, look an ample amount of pictures, you need to effort much in keyword research

Here we have some tips to collect better and effective keyword analysis for your website content:

Title Tag: your Focus keyword should be added in the main title and in from description. It’s very important information for your business in on-page and off-page.

MetaDescription: A bit of information about your product and service in Meta description with an optimized keyword can generate a good result.

URL – make sure that you have added your focus keyword in your URL-Slug. Example –

Site-Structure – you need to do not only keyword-optimization but also you need to do content arrangement and alignment in a hierarchical system and your page need to be set up in sequence.

PPC Keyword Optimization – Here we will guide you to that on only Organic Keyword optimization is not the way to get more good traffic for your website.

Collect all related Keyword – Find all related keyword for your content as check traffic overall keywords. The more effective keyword, you able to gain in your content for, the more you will get traffic on your page. Optimized keyword helps to improve your business.

Landing page optimization – Our landing page should match with given information in the offer. Once userland in your page, it will provide the same information for what purpose user came to your page so that your optimized keyword will be visible in your content. That will help you to visualize your content. You can also take PPC optimization further using for Ad Words account.

Keyword Analysis –

A keyword analysis is the next level of action to analyze to bring more traffic on your website with the help of organic search and paid search. A keyword analysis is the base point and cornerstone of search marketing. Keyword analysis helps to generate conversation.

Advantage of Keyword Analysis

Budget Distribution: Distributing in a good effective keyword will increase the probability of good result in term of lead and generating an ample amount of traffic on your page with effective budget spend.

Conversation: Analyzing and focusing on trendy keyword and spending on it. It will increase the conversation rate. Google trends are one of the best keyword research tools.

Insight trends: Analyzing the best keyword research, who is holding a good amount of traffic so that you can apply this technique in your business.

Lead a new Market: Keyword analysis helps us to expand our long tail and create more specific keyword and such practice holds an effective way to get the better lead.

Write Effective Content:

What is your business all about and what kind of product/service will be served to your customer. It’s very important to have such information in a very effective way so when the customer will come to your online store to get a product or service from you. The first page should be zero help login page so that your target audience can enter your product portfolio without any hassle which builds brand trust in your customer mind.

What makes an effective content: –

Effective content will be always written with the help of your customer persona and it will be always triggered to some people’s mind.

If you want to write effective content, then you should address someone’s mind through your content

Your content should be well optimized. When I say Optimized that means it relates to effective keywords should be included in your content so that your content will be discovered by search engine users.

Onsite-Content Optimization:

Onsite optimization is also known as onsite SEO. We should work on our website more carefully and effectively to provide our website highly discoverable signal to search engine.

We should understand 3 topics while optimizing the onsite page.

Keyword Related –

  • Find out that what customer wants
  • Understand about a market need and your website content(include better keyword accordingly)
  • SERP page ranking result
  • Non-Keyword Related
  • How many links are there used on a page

Page load speed

  • Use of structured data or another markup
  • Page URL structure
  • Page metadata
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Are they internal or external? Where do they point to?
  • A good Optimized website include
  • Be related to a specific topic
  • Include subject in the title tag

Add subject in URL

  • The added subject in the image alt text
  • Specify the subject several times throughout text content
  • Provide unique content about a given subject
  • Link back to its category page
  • Link back to its subcategory page (If applicable)
Keyword Research Tool for keyword optimization
  • Permutation Generator.
  • Answer the Public.
  • Google Correlate.
  • Keywords Everywhere keyword research tool
  • Wordtracker Scout.
  • Google Search Console.
  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Shitter.
  • AdWord & SEO Keyword


We had learned today that how to do keyword research and keyword research tool and why keyword optimization is important for your business which can give you good traffic and profitable growth graph in your business.

If you have any doubt then you can comment in the below section. Feel free to ask, we will reply as soon as we can. Stick with us. We are here to introduce the Basics to advance of Digital marketing.

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