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Four Steps to Buying a New Home Sink

Author: Krista Moy
by Krista Moy
Posted: Jun 29, 2019

First, identify which sinks in your home are outdated, worn out, damaged or not working to their full potential. Old, leaky and dripping sinks can increase the monthly water bill so by replacing them with a newer and more efficient model, homeowners can actually save themselves money. Another sink to add to the list is the utility sink which may be located in the garage or laundry room and the bar sink if the home has one or consider having one installed in the recreation room.

The next step is to go online and research the various makes, models and materials that are available through a reliable manufacturer that will deliver directly to the customer.Granite sinks are durable and come in different colors while stainless-steel material can work with any interior décor and requires very little maintenance and upkeep. Porcelain ceramic sinks are also available in various color shades and add a unique look to the room but require more maintenance than other materials. It is important to consider how the sink(s) is used and the location since the kitchen sink has more applications than the bathroom and the utility is used for heavy-duty tasks that wouldn’t be done in any other sink. Size and style are two other factors to consider when shopping for the right sink as you want the sink to work with the flow of the room to enhance it and not detract.Double bowl kitchen sinks are the most common style because they allow a side for washing and drying or for prepping and placing the ‘washed’ veggies on the other side. Customers can choose from an 80/20 model or two full equal sides or opt instead for a large single bowl sink with an apron front which has its own set of benefits. Traditional sinks have a counter space that causes the individual to lean over slightly when doing the dishes but an apron front sink has no counter edge and sits flush with the counter top in front. This is ergonomically better and causes less stress on the back. Online representatives can work with customers as they shop to find the best sink for their home in each room and within the budget. Utility sinks are typically deep and large while bar sinks are shallow and small to accommodate rinsing glasses and being used for minor tasks. Make sure that you have taken accurate measurements or work with a contractor to determine the right size and setup. Topmount sinks are those that sit on top of the counter while undermounts are becoming more popular because they get rid of the edge/lip where dirt and food can accumulate. Each of these requires a different support system which should be in place or completed prior to the installation. Homeowners can do the work or hire a professional to do it for them depending on their level of comfort and familiarity with the process. The end result should be a beautiful new sink that is dependable, enhances the room’s appearance and state of the art functionality.

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