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The Benefits Of DBA Database Administration Services

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Jun 28, 2014
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Remote DBA services offer several attractive benefits to its users which makes it a great option. The main advantage is that users get expert oracle support which can significantly reduce the losses caused due to human errors. A very large percentage of problems in the Oracle database have been reportedly attributed to human error and it could prove be a very costly option to keep inexperienced Junior DBAs for the purpose. The remote DBA support assures you professional and reliable support from a skilled and experienced professional who is conceptually and practically clear and is thoroughly familiar with your database.

Cost efficiency and operational benefits are other major advantages of DBA database administration services. The customer only needs to purchase those DBA services that he actually requires and that too at a level of his choice. The cost of maintaining a full time oracle DBA employed at a company can be very high and organizations may not be able to justify the expenses like training and salary of a full time in –house oracle DBA. Remote DBA services usually come with a contractually fixed price, which facilitates efficient financial planning for the company to meet their future IT expenditures. It is also observed that the attrition rate is very high among Oracle database administers probably due to boredom and lack of challenges. To ensure smooth functioning of your database, in these times of attrition, it is highly recommended to avail the services of a certified Oracle remote DBA support to continuously monitor your databases.

When you use remote support, your confidential information is in safe hands as oracle shops make sure that confidential technology is not revealed to your competitors. This avoids loss of vital institutional knowledge and you also do not have to wait extensively for weeks together till a new DBA becomes familiar with the functioning of your database. The remote DBA database administration services of Oracle ensure that the Oracle databases of customers are kept well maintained and monitored, which in turn improves the productivity of IT managers as they get more time to focus on other important works. It also improves the overall team productivity if skilled IT employees used for in-house DBA administration are shifted to other profitable works or projects that are critical to the business.

With outsourced DBA services, customers can resolve database problem at an increased speed as they focus completely on administrative support all through the day and night. This means that the time required to resolve problems, solve performance related issues and user requests can be met with in a timely manner and with great efficiency. The firm can also avoid extra operational costs like having to spend on expensive in-house tools for database monitoring, when they outsource to DBA. Tracking and auditing of database management work also becomes extremely easy and all the work performed can be made accountable. Most remote services also provide DBA mentoring to IT managers by giving their valuable guidance regarding adoption of latest technologies and their outcomes. They also provide additional support at just a fraction of the expense, as compared to increasing the headcount.

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