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Effective strength training. What is that, actually?

Author: Blaze Gorgev
by Blaze Gorgev
Posted: Jul 01, 2019
strength training Effective strength training. What is that, actually?Is It enough to build muscle or how to"pump" in bodybuilding?When is the best time to train and where do I get my fitness from?Between weight training for beginners and bodybuilders who have been training for five years?Wrong?Do I really have to build 2 kg of muscle in two weeks or is it not much better to train continuously?There are many truths about weight training and muscle training, but sadly as many myths.I have dealt intensively with the topic of strength training And wish to give you an overview of the most important and interesting facts. First, I want to give you a very important tip. Do not allow yourself to be talked into. Go your way. There will always be people around you who understand better. Nobody can go your way. You know best what's good for you.What do you wish to achieve with your strength training?You should set yourself a target. What do you want to only once you know your goal and consistently pursuing, you are able to train efficiently. Do you wish to break down fat? Do you need to build mass? Do you need to build strength? Or do you want to build muscle mass? You are probably aiming at a defined body that doesn't have one ounce of fat and visually highlights your muscle mass. After all, it does not really matter which of the goals you want to achieve, because for each goal you need exactly three things:· motivation and consequence· A personal training program· The ideal dietYes, you have read that correctly. You may find it hard or even impossible to achieve your goals because most foods are counterproductive. Now you have to think about whether you want to do your strength training at home or if you feel better in a gym. A combination of both is likely your best choice. You may support your strength training at the fitness center with muscle training in home.The training frequency through strength trainingJump in completely and train 6 days a week? Immediately try to do Just as much strength exercises as the body yields? No, meaningful strength training increases over time, both in the daily duration as well as on the days when sports are practiced. The ideal training frequency depends upon age, physical fitness, regeneration time and supercompensation.Generally, however, It can be stated that beginners train twice per week and best combine fitness exercises and strength exercises. Starting to pull or shake the muscles, the novice should stop exercising and give his muscles the necessary rest.Advanced train usually 4-5 times per week. Really"hard" train on all 7 days of the week. Whether that is really recommendable, let us leave it open. This means nothing else than that only certain muscle groups are trained. In contrast to this training for novices who complete a whole body plan.Otherwise, the complex can also complete the HIT (High Intensity Training). Fundamentally, however, also applies to the intensity training, just like the other sports too, the frequency of training is increased before the training period and the length of training before the training intensity.Supercompensation briefly explainedI will briefly mention the term "supercompensation", as it is extremely important in strength training. The term refers to the increase in performance, including muscle development. However, an increase in performance can only be achieved if regeneration phase and muscle training are perfectly coordinated. If the recovery period is too long, no supercompensation takes place, but only a compensation. The muscles are claimed, but there isn't any muscle growth instead.Otherwise, the regeneration phases may be appropriate, but the workouts aren't demanding enough. Again, there isn't any incentive for the muscles to grow.Your muscle grows when recovery and training are best combined.
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