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All That You Wanted to Know About Natural Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Author: Dean Martin
by Dean Martin
Posted: Jul 05, 2019

A recent survey reveals that more than 45% of women who opt for cosmetic eyebrow tattoo removal with laser come across wearisome skin scar, faded skin, and absolute damage of eyebrow as a potential upshot of damaging dermal skin cells caused by powerful beams of the laser. If you’re one of them looking for a 100% safe eyebrow tattoo removal procedure, why not choose the non-laser method that has already been in the mainstream due to its effectiveness, faster healing ability, and cost-effectiveness. Feeling curious to know more? Well, continue reading the article to know everything about the pioneering tattoo removal procedure and its benefits:

How does it work?

The best part of non-laser eyebrow tattoo removal procedure is that it’s 100% non-toxic, non-acidic and non-invasive and therefore, absolutely safe for your silken skin. Using the same tattoo machine, here, a certified technician aims at extracting the ink pigments right from the dermis layer. For this, first the area is numbed and the layer is unlocked with the tattoo gun. Use of the ink eraser successfully penetrates the area and pulls the ink pigment to your skin surface. The scabbing, dropping, and healing of the eyebrow areas continue for nearly a week. With the dropping of scabs containing the dried ink elements and healing, you get back your normal skin condition without any kinds of scars, redness of skin, infection which are possible causes of laser removal.

Who are the right candidates?

Choosing non-laser eyebrow tattoo removal method can be the best fit for anyone

  • With a plan to replace her old fashioned eyebrow tattoo with ‘something’ trendy;
  • Get rid of her inferior quality tattoo;
  • Dissatisfied with the shape of the eyebrow tattoo;
  • Unwanted migration of pigments that makes it unsightly;
  • Change of pigment colors (mainly caused due to poor quality ink and from extreme UV exposure);
  • Social causes/ operations;

Is it a painful Procedure?

Well, since numbing cream is applied before using the gun, so it’s relatively painless. However, depending on your skin type, inks used earlier, and the extent of pigment migration or other issues, if it feels painful in course the procedure, feel free to speak to the technician. They will use an extra anesthetic to make the session absolutely relaxing for you.

How many sittings are required and what is its duration?

Depending on the factors like your health status, skin type, the depth, type and amount of ink used earlier during micropigmentation or microblading, it may require 3-4 sittings for complete removal of the tattoo. All reputed clinics keep the second sitting after 30 days that helps grow the fresh and reinforced skin to continue the next session. Secondly, keeping a bit longer waiting period is a sensible choice, which allows your skin more time for healing and eventually it ends with a satisfying result.

What is the chance of skin scarring or damaging of existing hair?

Most importantly, with no more laser beam exposure that basically burns the soft skin cells and result in falling off remaining normal hair, in this safe and secured eyebrow tattoo removal you don’t have to worry for even a single hair loss afterward. Furthermore, in this process, only the epidermal layer is affected as happens in the case of incising which never damage skin cells. The skin cells automatically regenerate as a natural phenomenon so there is no question of skin scars.

What are its advantages?

? 100% natural

? No skin scar, no hair loss or affect on hair growth

? No skin infection

? Less painful / faster solution and recovery

? Less expensive

TattooVanishMethod is a Miami based tattoo removal clinic providing services such as fast, natural eyebrow tattoo removal services without cream and laser and tattoo removal training for experienced and non-experienced tattoo artists. To know more, visit

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