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Everything you need to know before buying Tattoo Machines

Author: Shailesh Gajjar
by Shailesh Gajjar
Posted: Apr 25, 2020

Tattoos transform the body into an art of work. They help the person tell a story and manifest identities with ease! It is for the same reason that tattoos have become so popular in America, particularly among millennials. However, the target market for the tattoo industry is big. Adults between the ages of 20-64 are most likely to seek out a tattoo artist.

Today, the tattoo industry is worth billions. Reports suggest that there is going to be a "boom" in the next few years. According to a report in Market Match, America and Europe are the two biggest tattoo ink consumption regions in the world.

Another report in IBIS World suggests the market size, measured by revenue, of the tattoo business is $1.8 billion in 2020. The same report mentions the market is expected to grow by 3.5% in the current year. If you are thinking of becoming a tattoo artist, your primary requirement is the tattoo machine. Before you buy one, you must know the difference between tattoo machines and choose one that suits your requirements.

Tattoo machines are small hand-held devices that help you to create tattoos on the skin. Sometimes also called tattoo guns, the tattoo machines are available in a wide variety. Take a look at the most common classification of tattoo machines:

1. Coil Tattoo Machine

Most commonly used by tattoo artists, it is an affordable tool to engrave a tattoo design on the client’s skin. The coil tattoo machine includes an electromagnetic circuit to insert the needles into the skin. The alternating electromagnetic current is passed through the coils that pulls the armature bar in a rapid up and down position. The result is the insertion of needles in the skin to create a design. There are many variations available with different materials, sizes and shapes.

The coil tattoo machine creates a distinct noise which is commonly associated with tattoo parlors. It is a high-powered, high-performance tattoo gun for experienced professionals. Its popularity lies in its low-maintenance features. As it is comparatively heavier than other options, it allows for more control and accuracy.

Now, let’s learn about the common types of coil tattoo machines:

a. Linear Tattoo Machine

This tattoo machine is a single-purpose machine, often used to create the dominant outline in the design. The linear tattoo machine is faster than other options; and it doesn’t go very deep into the skin.

b. Shader Tattoo Machine

It is generally used for shading tattoos with black color. However, you can use other colors and gradients to shade the design. It has a long armature bar that allows the needles to go deeper than linear machines.

c. Color Packer Tattoo Machines

The machine is used to fill in the colors. A good color packer gun will go deep into the skin to allow for a highly pigmented color. This ensures that you do not have to re-do the tattoo every now and then.

2. Rotary Tattoo Machine

The rotary tattoo machine makes use of an electric motor to provide power to the armature bar and in turn, the bar works the needles into the skin. It is popular because of its light-weight and easy-to-use features. It is a multi-purpose tattoo gun which can be used for lining as well as shading the tattoo. It does not make noise and ensures low maintenance.

If you are a beginner, you can use a rotary tattoo machine and work on creating beautiful tattoo designs.

3. Pneumatic Tattoo Machine

The expensive tattoo gun uses an air-compressor to engrave the design. Invented in 2000 by tattoo artist Carson Hill, the first pneumatic machine was patented as Neuma Tattoo Machine. More like a pen, the tattoo machine emphasizes ergonomics and functionality. It creates a more naturally balanced machine with a smaller diameter and length. It promises to reduce strain while creating a tattoo. It is very light in weight and easy to clean.

The latest pneumatic tattoo machines come with a variable stroke profile which means you can change the behavior of needles from a rotary profile to a coil machine. It enables you to outline the tattoo, blend the design, add a solid-color and even create soft-greys in the design.

Picking the Best Tattoo Machine!

Prior to shopping around for the best tattoo guns, you should be very clear about your needs. Choose a tattoo machine depending on your skills, experience and last but not the least, your budget. You will find many tattoo machines and it is best to have a clear list of requirements to avoid confusion and dilemma.

Buy a couple of different tattoo machines, especially if you are going to open a tattoo business. Each tattoo gun is designed for specific purposes and you may require several different tools to create the exact tattoo your customer demands.

Once you are clear about your choices, you can shop online. The main benefit of shopping online is that you get to buy the tattoo machine without leaving the comfort of your home. Do not forget to research about the seller in order to avoid fake tattoo guns. Seek more information about the tattoo machine supplier, read reviews, check out the returns policy and then make an informed decision.

In Summary: Find out your needs; invest in different types of tattoo machines.

Want to shop for the best tattoo machines of 2020? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced tattoo artist, we will help you find rotary tattoo machines, coil tattoo machines, tattoo pens and tattoo supplies at the best prices. Shop online; set up your tattoo business in no time.

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