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Like it; Ink It: Tips on choosing the Best Tattoo Inks for you

Author: Shailesh Gajjar
by Shailesh Gajjar
Posted: May 04, 2020

The business of tattoos is very serious.

From honing your skills to choosing the best tattoo equipment, tattoo artists need to bring their A-game every time they sit down to create a new tattoo design. Other than ensuring sterile, hygienic tattoo needles, the artists also need to focus on the kind of tattoo ink they are using for body artwork.

Why is Tattoo Ink so Important?

Tattoos are not simply drawings done on the client’s body. It is much more than that. The ink enters the second-layer of the skin called dermis. When the needles prick the body surface multiple times per minute, the ink gets permanently locked in dermis cells and becomes visible on the skin.

If your income depends on injecting clients with tattoo inks, you need to use the best-quality ink that is safe and free from toxins. Here’s the secret to buying the safest tattoo inks for your tattoo business:

1. "The Best Tattoo Ink on the Market"

When someone tells you that they are selling the best tattoo ink on the market, it doesn’t mean anything concrete. How did the seller choose the ink as the best option? Is it the best-selling tattoo brand? Is it best because it is low-priced and well-within the budget of most buyers? Does it have quality ingredients that are safe for use? Well, saying something is the best, without providing thorough information, simply shows a certain amount of bias on the part of the speaker.

Do not choose a tattoo ink on the basis of someone else’s criteria. Research and then research some more, to choose tattoo inks that are best suited to your clientele.

Choose what’s best for you.

2. No Detail is too Small

When you are choosing tattoo inks, it is essential to check the ingredients of the product. Now, most tattoo ink manufacturers are not required to reveal their ingredients and they can keep their product formulation secret. However, you can request them for a list of ingredients. Today, most manufacturers offer MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) to tattoo artists so that they can understand the chemical composition of the product and learn more about the material used in creating the ink.

Here are a few things to consider while checking the information provided in the MSDS.

>>Tattoo ink is primarily made up of two things: pigments (colorant) and the solvents (the liquid which acts as a carrier for moving the tattoo ink into the skin).

>>Other than pigments and solvents, there can be additives, binding agents, fillers and preservatives to disinfect the mixture, mask the smell, expedite the drying process, maintain the consistency of the liquid, etc.

>>Historically, heavy metals were used for creating tattoo inks. Today, the scenario has changed and you will find that ingredient list contains the traditional mineral pigments, modern-day industrial pigments, vegetable-based pigments and plastic-based pigments.

>>Avoid inks that contain ethylene glycol (antifreeze), denatured alcohol, aldehydes, lead, arsenic, other carcinogens and mutagens.

>>Avoid plastic-based pigments because they can often cause allergic reactions on the skin.

3. "Non-Toxic" is the Main Word

Veganism has increased phenomenally and several clients may demand a vegan ink that doesn’t contain any animal products. Over the last couple of years, several ink manufacturers have started providing vegan tattoo inks to address the changing demands of customers. Additionally, the general perception is that organic products are better than their counterparts. Hence, there is a rise in tattoo inks that are made from organic compounds rather than industrial pigments.

However, all vegan products are not organic and all organic ingredients may not be vegan. For example, organic tattoo inks may contain bone char, gelatin, shellac, animal fat, etc. More importantly, both of them do not guarantee freedom from toxins.

Well, choosing organic and vegan tattoo inks may be important to you and your clients. But, organic tattoo inks or animal-free tattoo colors do not get guarantee safety. Please read the list of ingredients provided in the MSDS for detailed understanding.

So instead of focusing on the buzzwords, you must rely on the well-known brands of the industry that have been tried and tested by thousands across the globe. For example: Intenze tattoo inks are 100% vegan and they are not tested on animals. The brand is popular among tattoo artists for adopting a humane approach to manufacturing and testing tattoo inks.

4. The Country of Manufacture

You will find that several tattoo artists choose American brands such as Intenze Advanced Tattoo Ink, Eternal Tattoo Supply, StarBrite tattoo inks, Solid Ink tattoo colors, etc. Even though the FDA is yet to regulate tattoo inks, the USA-based tattoo ink manufacturers are known for self-imposed strict safety standards. Did you know Intenze was the first brand to offer sterile tattoo inks.

Other than American brands that promise tattoo inks that are free from acrylic, PET plastic, solvents and other toxins, you can also rely on Italian and Japanese brands. They also follow strict regulations to create organic, vegan and sterile tattoo ink colors. One of the top Italian brands is Panthera Ink that sells sterilized tattoo inks that are free from carcinogens. The company also follows ResAP 2008, an agreement that regulates the use of tattoo and permanent makeup meticulously.

Another popular brand that is safe for tattoo inks is the Kuro Sumi Asian tattoo inks. Originally formulated in Japan, the brand is now manufactured in America. The company is popular for creating superior tattoo ink colors and incredible grey washes.

Purchasing Tattoo Inks for your Tattoo Parlor

When you are buying tattoo inks for your personal use, it is okay to choose a brand that attracts you. But, when you have a business to run, you need to read the general perception of the market. Here’s how you can make the best decision for your business:

>>Research more about the trendy tattoo ink brands. Find out their reviews from online forums and make sure to order a test-kit before buying the products in bulk.

>>Choose basic colors from your favorite brands and compare how they look on the skin. After a couple of trials, you will be able to choose the best tattoo inks that favor your preferences and the requirements of your clients.

>>Choose tattoo ink manufacturers that offer a wide-range of pre-dispersed tattoo ink colors so that it can save your time.

>>Remember price is not the only criterion but it is an important one when you are running a tattoo business. If you are going to buy several tattoo ink colors, it is best to seek a wholesale tattoo supplies store and get bulk order discounts.

So, make a well-thought decision because your business depends on it.

Get access to professional tattoo ink brands online. From Intenze tattoo ink to Kuro Sumi ink, you will find the best tattoo ink brands under one store. Shop for wholesale tattoo supplies to get better deals.

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