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How Malware Can Disrupt the Growing APAC Market?

Author: Mirror Review
by Mirror Review
Posted: Jul 12, 2019
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Asia has been a big hub of technological development. Be it robotics, video games, or befuddled fast internet speeds. The development however felt prey to cybersecurity, several APAC countries are lacking cybersecurity. APAC is an ideal environment for cybercriminals because of high digital connectivity and low cybersecurity awareness and weak regulations. Pervasive forms of malware and the highest frequency of attacks are not yet happening in the region. However, emerging APAC markets need to increase cybersecurity awareness and take active steps to eliminate the risks of cyberattacks with increasing internet access.

Following are the factors that can produce a great harm to the APAC deer, which is unaware of cyber-hunters outside. You can also learn more about cybersecurity on Best Business Magazine, where we have featured top CEO stories unveiling the leaders in cybersecurity.

Using the internet without awareness

Most of the internet users in Asia have not received any education on cybersecurity. This lack of awareness affects the business, as about majority of Asian firms don’t have a strong understanding of their cyber posture. With no background information about cyber threats, it is not possible for the individuals to address cybersecurity resources, invest in security products, or respond speedily to breaches. The entire region must take combined efforts to ensure that cybersecurity awareness is given greater prominence.

Amplified Android contribution

The high market share and capability to download third-party apps from distributors outside Google makes android devices more prone to malware. These distributors don’t require that developers submit to strict security regulations, which results in many malicious apps making their way into the marketplace. Asia has the highest rate of Android adoption. Also, the local phone manufacturers of Asian markets have been known to withhold security features to reduce manufacturing costs, which results in android users being more prone to cyber threats.

The IoT devices

IoT market is led by the Asia-Pacific, which established the adoption of IoT and machine-to-machine technology. Yet IoT remains a comparatively new technology, for which security has not been sufficiently developed. This is why IoT devices are being compromised for botnet attacks, which are flourishing in the APAC region.

Precautionary controls, as well as the adoption of cloud and artificial intelligence to enhance security operations, may result in fewer cybercrimes. Other factors to utilize and improve cybersecurity can be:

Advanced Internet Security Solutions

Advanced Internet Security Solutions refers to a category of security solutions that protect against refined malware or hacking-based attacks targeting complex data. Advanced Internet Security solutions can be available as software or as managed services, such as Signatures and heuristics-based antivirus. Invest in reliable security solutions and modern threat protection technologies to screen, detect and eliminate common and advanced cyber threats in real-time, while developing internal expertise to undertake threat analytics.

Use of Blacklisting/Whitelisting Webpages

Blacklisting harmful pages has always been an option. And whitelisting allows users to access only pertinent and safe websites. This is a successful alternative to use against malware. It will reduce the risk of being attacked by staying away from harmful websites.

Common Sense

This is the greatest threat as compared to technical threats. An individual should have a common sense of what affects the system. Make use of only genuine, current, and updated software. The usage of IT assets that are old, unprotected or are not genuine would considerably increase the chances of a cyberattack. The pirated versions of the software are mostly embedded with malware infections.

Importance of Cyber Hygiene

Poor cyber hygiene of IT users, careless employee behavior or weak authorizations/password protection within an organization, add a high degree of exposure for system compromise. With more personal devices being used at the workplace, the chance of getting infected gets higher.

While Internet usage in the region is growing day-by-day, awareness of cybersecurity is lagging behind; users are leaving themselves prey to attacks from cybercriminals. Government bodies and individuals must learn more about cybersecurity and educate others, which might secure the surroundings before the foreseeable tsunami of cyberattacks hits.

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