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12 Tips And Tricks For Yahoo! Mail

Author: Contactyahoo Helpdesk
by Contactyahoo Helpdesk
Posted: Jul 16, 2019

Welcome to our blog here you can learn about some quick 12 tips and tricks for Yahoo Mail. One of the most popular online messengers, Yahoo! Mail arrives prominently in the customs of users. If you find this webmail for your first time, here are a few choices to know absolutely.

Learn more about yahoo Mail history.

1. Quickly change the graphic theme

Do you understand what this small symbol is at the bottom left of your email? A simple flyby on this square will grant you access to a selection of photos (from Flickr) that can serve as a backdrop for your webmail.

The preview is displayed in the tooltip and the installation is done in one click. We regretted, however, not being able to import his own image.

2. Change - a little extra - the appearance of the webmail

The customization isn't confined to the fast paint stroke on your port. You also have some intriguing display choices.

We'll get the overall screen mode with 3 degrees of density: compact /ordinary/open, such as what we find now on Gmail.

Moreover, you'll have the ability to choose to display the message reading pane in the base of your email list or to the right, or do not exhibit it whatsoever.

Both settings mentioned here are available from the alternative Afficherthat appears in the top right of your list of messages.

3. Remember useful keyboard shortcuts

All certain little key mixtures that are there to simplify our life are visible using the command? regardless of the webmail page that is presented.

Among these, here are 10 that we find attractive to know:


Keyboard shortcut

Write a new e-mail


Place the cursor in the search box


Send an email

Ctrl+ Entrée(Windows) or Cmd+ Entrée(Mac)



Reply to everyone


Forward a message


Mark as unread

Maj + K

Add as favorite message (star)


Show or hide the preview pane


Empty the trash (after selecting the directory)


4. Change your password

For the safety of your data, and because most Yahoo services are preserved by the same password, it is better to change your entrance code regularly.

You can change this setting from the notched wheel at the top right of your interface then Infos complete. The change can then be made from the field of security after entering your current password. And if you forgot your Yahoo mail password You can contact yahoo by this link.

5. Block contacts

Rather than go over creating a filter, Yahoo! Mail offers us a unique function dedicated to blocking people. You can block up to 500 different addresses in the settings sector.

This little manager will also enable you to remove some contacts from this list:

6. Create a disposable address

This is the specialty that we do not significantly find in the competition but which has all its interest at this time. To prevent your box being contaminated by unwanted advertising, opt for the disposable address.

First thing to do if you want to create disposable addresses, create the root, which is a common prefix to all these future disposable and customizable addresses that you will produce.

7. Create your signature

Your account settings provide a whole lot of customization options, such as establishing a Yahoo Mail signature. If you wish to prevent typing each time the identical short presentation at the conclusion of the message, there's no better.

You'll have the ability to decide on an easy signature (without formatting), or to get a touch in Rich Text mode (with).

8. Generate a preview of a link

Giving a link is not always very graceful, mainly when the URL is longer. Be aware, however, that insert a web address is rather important under the webmail of Yahoo!.

As on most social networks, this type of addition will generate a title link, a summary, and a preview thumbnail.

9. Display the default images in your messages

For safety reasons, images are not displayed when a message is received. But, it is possible to change this default behavior.

To do that, go to your email settings and go to the Protection tab. In the section for displaying images in emails, accept Always, except in the Spam folder.

10. Cc, Bcc

Beginners will be happy to know these 2 options:

Cc: certified copy. To show that you are copying a contact to the email

Bcc: invisible conform copy. To send a message to people without visible recipients being notified of their identity

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