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Upendra I Love You Movies

Author: Guddappa Mm
by Guddappa Mm
Posted: Jul 18, 2019
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????????????? 1968???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? (?????????)????????????????????????????????????????.??????????????????????????,???????????????????????????????????????????????????????.????????????,??????????????????????????????????,??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,?????????????????????????????????????????????.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.???????????????????????????,???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.????????????


Upendra Kumar was born on eighteen Sep 1968 in Bangalore district within the erstwhile Mysore State (now Karnataka), to B Manjunatha Rao and Anusuya. He was the second son to his folks, his elder brother being B M SudheendraRao. Rao's family was poor. As a baby, he suffered from a eye problem, the results of that may be seen in his ability of rolling his eyeballs, that were seen in sequences of the many of his films. He obtained his Bachelor of Commerce degree from APS faculty of Commerce, Bangalore. throughout his time at the faculty, he participated in plays usually forming troupes together with his friends. His association with actor and director, Kashinath, UN agency happened to be a far off relative of his, began throughout his final year in faculty, UN agency would play a very important role in his film career.


???? 1992????? '????????????'??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.???????????????????????????????????????????????.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????,???????????? '???!' 1993?????.????????????????????????????????????????????,???????????????????????????????????. '????!'????????????????????????????????? /????????????????????????????????????.

Career as a director:

It was Upendra's ambition to become a director, that he 1st wanted to help director Kashinath in varied departments excluding helping in writing songs, dialogues and script for his movies. He co-directed a movie with Kashinath. He started off as a director with a typical Kashinath vogue comedy known as 'Tharle Nan Maga' in 1992. The film introduced a illustrious comedian Jaggesh. The motion picture went on to be a runaway hit and has since achieved a cult following.

Upendra directed a horror suspense adventure story next known as 'Shhh!' in 1993. The film was a serious box workplace success associated Upendra came out as an freelance director. 'Shhh!' is taken into account joined of the simplest horror/thriller movies in South Dravidian Cinema.

?????????????? 1995??????????????? '??'?????????????????????????.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. '??'???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.????????????????????. '??'???????,????????????????????????????? (??????)????????????????????????????????????. '??'???????????????????????????????? -??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

His next film was a criminal film known as 'Om' that was discharged in 1995. The film marked Shivrajkumar and conjointly had real gangsters in its forged, and had a message of peace. 'Om' became a blockbuster and went on to be one among the very best grossing South Dravidian films of its time and created news at National Level. Upendra became associate nightlong star director. With 'Om', Upendra conjointly introduced associate role player from Kodagu (Coorg), Prema. 'Om' was conjointly remade into many languages – the Hindi version was known as Arjun Pandit and had Sunny Deol taking part in Shivraj Kumar's role.

??????????? 1981????????? '????'???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????'??????????? '???????????????.???????????????????????????? 1981????????? '????'???????????????????????????????.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

Upendra then turned towards a project of directive associate extended version of the 1981 film 'Antha' and he known as it 'Operation Antha'. The film had Ambareesh reprising his role from the sooner 1981 version 'Antha', as Kanwar Lal. The film contained revolutionary ideology and a robust feeling against corruption, wherever the protagonist is obsessed by the corrupt world and finds approach|how|some way|the way|the simplest way} to alter the system through the extremist way. The film was abundant before its time and thus wasn't terribly self-made. However, it absolutely was contentious for its taunts on some real-life political figures.

1998???????????? '?'???????????????,???????????????????????????????????????????????.????????????????????????????????????? '?'?????????????????????????????????.????????????????????????????,??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,???????????????????,?????????????-???????????????????????????????????????????????????.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

In 1998 Upendra directed 'A', through that he created a self-made transition to acting. 'A' was once more a revolutionary film concerning exploring deeper meanings of affection. The film had outrageous posters, even additional outrageous dialogues, and a contentious plot line. The plot was of a director falling enamored together with his lead role player whereas picture taking, then changing into unhappy as she leaves him once she becomes self-made. The film conjointly restricted dark truths of the film world, just like the casting couch. Rumors were thick that it absolutely was Upendra's own story, and therefore the role player within the film delineated his recipient Prema. This solely supplementary to the recognition of the film and it poor several box workplace records upon unleash and went on to become one among the very best grossing South Dravidian films of its time. The film had a one hundred seventy five days run in state was conjointly dubbed to Telugu, and recurrent its success in state too, wherever it had a one hundred days run. The film won accolades from movie industry personalities like Amitabh Bachchan and Anil Kapoor. Upendra was currently a giant name in South Dravidian cinema and was conjointly in style in state.

???????????????????????????? 1998?????????????????????????????????????????????????? '?????????'???????.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.???????,??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

Upendra's next motion picture was 'Swasthik' with lead Raghavendra Rajkumar that was discharged in 1998. The film was average at the box workplace however was still a success with the critics. However, it's still remembered for its sensible narration and innovative script and is taken into account to be one among the simplest works of Upendra with regard to the script.

1999?????,??????????-????????????????? '???????'?????????????,???????????????????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????.???? (??????????)???? (????????????).??????????? 3????????,??????,????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,?????????????????????????????????????????????

In 1999, Upendra created a self-titled film, 'Upendra', a psychological adventure story that explored the nuances of ego. Upendra acted during this film because the anon. protagonist (or antagonist) Naanu (I or Myself). The film marked 3 heroines, Damini, Prema, and movie industry role player Raveena Tandon. Naanu was associate chesty character, lined on hatred, and was terribly insulting to ladies, that junction rectifier to plenty of criticism on the film.

???????,????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? '?'????????????????????????????,??????????????????????????.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.????????????????????????-?????????????????????????,??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.????????,??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

However, the film poor several box workplace records and went on to be a way larger hit than 'A', each in state likewise as in state. The film had a two hundred days run in state and its Telugu version had a one hundred days run in state. Upendra was no longer solely a remarkably self-made director however conjointly a giant star with an oversized fan base in state and state. Since then, Upendra gave up direction and focused additional on his acting career.

??????? 2010????? '?????'?????????????? 10???????????????????????????????????????.????????????????????????? {???}????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????, 2020?????????????????????????????????????????????.????????????????????????,????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????, 2010??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

Upendra came back as a director once a hiatus of 10 years in 2010 with the show 'Super'. The show was discharged in a {very} very record kind of theatres all over state and was jointly dubbed into Telugu and discharged in state. The Utopian film, set in a {very} very futurist Asian nation, tells the story of associate NRI United Nations agency, through political manipulations, helps Asian nation become a nation in 2020. Super was a blockbuster breaking many box geographical point records upon unleash and finishing 100 seventy 5 days of run, turning into one amongst the highest grossing Dravidic films of 2010 and was jointly critically acclaimed.

2011??????????????,?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. "????????????????????????????????????????????.????????????????????????????????,??????????????????????????????????.????????????????????????.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.????????????????????????????????????,?????????????????? {???}????????????????????????????????????,??????????????????????.

In 2011, Rajinikanth watched the film at the facet of Upendra and a few of friends. "Upendra may well be a pleasant actor and director. there is hardly anyone in Indian Cinema, United Nations agency would suppose like him. only he can suppose like that. i prefer observance Upendra's films and this was no exception. If i get an opportunity and a strong script, i might would like to act in a {very} very Upendra film inside the long run," same Rajini.

2015?????,?????????? 1999????????? '???????'?'????? 2 '????????? {???}?????????????????????????????????????????????.????????????? '???????'?????????????? 5?????????????????????????????????,??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????,?????????????????????? 600???????????????????????????????????????.??????????????,?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. '????????????????????-???????????????????????????????????????????????????????,?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.??? 2015?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

In 2015, Upendra directed and marked in a {very} very sequel to his 1999 film 'Upendra', titled 'Uppi 2'. as a result of it had been a sequel to 'Upendra' and his comeback as a director once 5 years, it had Brobdingnagian packaging and expectations before unleash. The film was at identical time discharged in state, state, and thus the USA in over 600 theaters. Upon unleash, the film set records for the highest first-day collections ever for a Dravidic show. tho' the film got a mixed response because of its confusing story-line and script, it completely was an ad success finishing fifty days of run and was extraordinarily profitable at the box geographical point. It sold-out the second highest kind of worth tags in on-line price tag sales on Bookmyshow among Dravidic movies in 2015. it completely was jointly successful inside the Overseas, turning into the second highest grossing Dravidic film of all time inside the USA.



1989?????????????????????????? '???????????'???????????????????????????????????????????. "??????????????????"????????????????????????????????????????.??????????????????????????? '????????'??????????????????????????????????????????.???????????????????????????? '??????!' (1993),????????????????????????????????????????,????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. 1995????????????? '???????????'?????,?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? (????????????????)???????????????????????????????.

Career as associate actor:

Cameo appearances:

Upendra first appeared on screen making associate look in Kashinath's 1989 comedy film, 'Anantana Avantara'. He appeared as Lord Kamadeva inside the song "Come On come On Kaamanna". In 'Ajagajantara', jointly directed by Kashinath, he created a anaglyph look. In his directorial debut, 'Shhh!' (1993), Upendra created another anaglyph look, as a unfortunate inside the attire of a shielder barging into a motion picture set. In his 1995 directorial 'Operation Antha', he looks as someone urinating on a margin wall and explains of India's ways in which to a whiny Mandakini (played by Sangeetha).


1998?????,???????????????????? '?'????????????????????,????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.??????????????,????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,????????????????????????????? 100????????????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????,??????????????????.??.??.?????????????? 1998??????????????? '????????? '??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

1999??????????????????????????????-?????????????? '???????'??????????????????????????????????,???????????????????????????????????????????????????????.???????? '?'???????????????????????????,???????????????????????.?????????????????? 2??????????????????????????????? 100?????????????????????. 2000?????,???????????????????????????????? '????'??????????????????????????'???????? '?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. '????????'?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????,?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. 2001??????????????????????? '??'??????????????????????????????????,?????????????????????????????????????. '??'??????????????????????????????????????,??????????????????????????????????.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.


In 1998, Upendra directed and marked in 'A', that was his fifth film as a director but his first lead role as a Hero. Upon unleash, the film had a 1 hundred seventy 5 days run and became a trendy blockbuster in state, with its Telugu dubbed version jointly turning into a wonderful hit by running for 100 days in state. owing to Upendra's recently found quality in Telugu, ace Telugu director E. V. V. Satyanarayana solid him inside the 1998 Telugu film 'Kanyadanam' aboard Srikanth and Rachana, that jointly became an ad success. In 1999 Upendra over again directed and marked in his self-titled film 'Upendra' that marked film industry role player Raveena Tandon. The film went on to become a way larger hit than 'A', every in state likewise as in state. The film had a 2 hundred days run in state and 100 days run in state. In 2000, Upendra marked opposite film industry role player Sonali Bendre inside the psychological heroic tale 'Preethse' that was a remake of film industry film 'Darr'. 'Preethse' became Upendra's third consecutive blockbuster by finishing 100 seventy 5 days of run. With three back to back day of remembrance hits, Upendra had attained Super Star standing inside the Dravidic film industry with quality in Telugu likewise. In 2001 Upendra wrote and marked in a {very} very Telugu film titled 'Raa' that became a box geographical point hit in state. 'Raa' was a typical Upendra vogue film throughout that he plays a womanizing sensualist. Upendra marked opposite his future mate Priyanka Trivedi for the first time throughout this film.

2002?????,??????????????????????????? '???? 2?', '???????????'????? '????????'?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? '???????'????? '????????'??????????????????????.

???????,?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,????? 2003???? 2005??????????????????????????????????????????????????????.???????????????,???? '??????', '???????????', '??????', '??????'????? '????????'???? 5?????????????? 100?????????????????????????????????,??????????????????????????????????????.??????????????????????????????????????????????????? '?????' (??????????????????????????????????????)????? '??????'.

In 2002, conjunction with his most expected films like 'H2O', 'Super Star' and 'Hollywood' not meeting expectations and having average run at the box-office and films like 'Nagarahavu' and 'Naanu Naane' flopping at the box geographical point.

However, Upendra created a sturdy comeback inside ensuing three years, i.e. from 2003 to 2005 that's taken into consideration his most successful quantity. throughout these three years, he marked in 5 back to back 100 days films, like 'Kutumba', 'Raktha Kanneeru', 'Gokarna', 'Gowramma' and 'Auto Shankar', all of that were super hits at the box geographical point. the only films of Upendra that failed to move throughout this era were 'Omkara' (which had a fifty days run with a huge opening) and 'News'.

1998???? 2005??????????,???????????????????????????????????????????????????,??????????????????????????????,??????,??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,?????????????????? 100???????????????????????????????????, '? ','??????? ','???????? ','?????? ','???? ''??????? ','?????? ','?????? '?????'???????? '.

During the span of 1998 to 2005, Upendra was thought-about as a result of the foremost successful actor, copious before his contemporaries like Puneeth Rajkumar, Darshan, Sudeep and Shivrajkumar, having marked in eight 100 days hits in eight years, like 'A', 'Upendra', 'Preethse', 'Kutumba', 'Raktha' 'Kanneeru', 'Gokarna', 'Gowramma' and 'Auto Shankar'.


??????? 2006???? 2009???????????????????????????????,???????????????????????????????? '??????????????????', '??????????????', '?????', '??????', '????'??????????????????????????????????????????????????????. '(??????),'???????? ','????? '(?????),'???????? '?????'????? '.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? '????????',???????????????????????????? (??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????),????????????????? '??????'??????????????????. '???????'????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.


Upendra went through a foul half throughout 2006 to 2009, with most of his films throughout this era going fully neglected at the box geographic point like 'Uppi Dada M.B.B.S.', 'Tandege Takka Maga', 'Parodi', 'Masti', 'Toss' (Telugu), 'Lava Kusha', 'Sathyam' (Tamil), 'Dubai Babu' and 'Rajini'.

The only industrial hits he gave throughout this era were the candy floss romantic comedy 'Aishwarya', that ran for seventy 5 days (which was collectively the debut film of industry role player Deepika Padukone), and thus the moderately successful 'Anatharu' that ran for seventy days. Upendra collectively received praise and important approval for his performance in 'Anatharu'.

2008????????????????????????????????????? '????????',??????????????????????????.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 100?????????????????????????. '????????'??????????????????????????????????????,??????????????-??????????????????????????, (??? 2001??????????? '??'??????)???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.????????????????????????????????????????????????????,????????????????????????????????????.

'Budhivanta' that was Upendra's exclusively unleash in 2008, was thought-about as his huge comeback through that he rose back to superstardom. The film was declared as a blockbuster and completed 100 days of run turning into the best box geographic point grosser of the year. 'Budhivanta' was a typical old vogue Uppi vogue film throughout that Uppi contend a womanizing con-man, (somewhat quite like his 2001 Telugu hit 'Raa') and his seven get-ups among the film were very appreciated as were his comic dialogues. Budhivanta's Telugu dubbed version was collectively a hit, finishing fifty days of run in state.

2010 -??????????:

2010???????????? 10???????????????????????????????????.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 2010????? 10????????????? '?????'?????????????????????????????????,????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.??????????????????? {???}???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. '?????'???????????????????????,??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????, 2010?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.


2010 marked Upendra's comeback to direction once 10 years. once several ups and downs in his acting career, Upendra finally came back as a director once 10 years in 2010 with the picture 'Super' throughout that he marked opposite Tamil role player Nayantara and bulbous plant Joshi. The picture was discharged in a {very} very record form of theatres everyplace state and was collectively dubbed into Telugu and discharged in state. 'Super' was a blockbuster, breaking many box geographic point records upon unleash and finishing 100 seventy 5 days of run, turning into one in all the best grossing Dravidian language films of 2010 and was collectively critically acclaimed.

??????????? '???????' (2011)?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? '???????' (2012)???????????????????. 2012?????,?????????????????????????????????????,???? '?????????'????????????????????????????????????? |????????????????}??????????????? '??????'???????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

Upendra then marked in several films like 'Shrimathi' (2011) opposite his mate Priyanka Trivedi and industry role player Celina Jaitly, and 'Aarakshaka' (2012). In 2012, became the second highest-grossing film of the year, followed by 'God Father' that did more than average business thus the|and collectively the} horror comedy film 'Kalpana' that conjointly did moderately well at the box geographic point.

2013???? 2015????????????????????????? '????????' (2013), '??????' (2014), '????????' (2014)????? '????' (2015)??????????????????????????????????????.

Upendra's films from 2013 to 2015 like 'Topiwala' (2013), 'Brahma' (2014), 'Super Ranga' (2014) and 'Shivam' (2015) didn't move at the box geographic point.

????????????????????????????????????????? '??? /???????????'????? 2015???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.??????????????????????????????????????,??????????????????????????????? 92????????????????????????? 60????????????????????????????????,??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

In 2015, Upendra marked in a {very} very parallel role aboard Allu Arjun among the Telugu film 'S/O Satyamurthy' directed by Trivikram Srinivas. Upendra contend a powerful and necessary character and was a highlight of the film. The film was declared a blockbuster, grossing?92 integer and netting over?60 integer at the planet box geographic point turning into the seventh-highest-grossing Telugu film of all time at the planet box geographic point.

?????????????????????????????? 1999???????? '???????'?????? '????? 2'????????? {???}??????????????????????????.??????????????,?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.??? 2015?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

The same year Upendra directed and marked in a {very} very sequel to his 1999 film 'Upendra', titled 'Uppi 2'. Upon unleash, the film set records for the best first day collections ever for a Dravidian language picture. although the film got a mixed response because of its confusing story-line and script, it completely was a poster success finishing fifty days of run and was very profitable at the box geographic point. It sold the second highest form of value tags in on-line price ticket sales on Bookmyshow among Dravidian language movies in 2015. it completely was collectively successful among the Overseas, turning into the second highest grossing Dravidian language film of all time among the USA.

2016??????????????????????????????????? '??????'?'?????? 2 '????????? {???}????????????????????????????????????,?????????????????????????????????????????.??????????????? '?????'??????????? '????????????'????????????????????????????????????????????????????,???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

In 2016 Upendra marked in a {very} very sequel to his earlier hit horror film 'Kalpana' titled as 'Kalpana 2' that became a median grosser at the box geographic point. He collectively marked at the facet of Sudeep among the remake of industry film 'OMG' titled as 'Mukunda Murari' that became a box geographic point success and completed fifty days of run.

2017??????????????????? '??????????????'????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

In 2017 Upendra marked in 'Upendra Matte Baa' a supernatural drama. The film choices Upendra in a {very} very twin role as father and son at the facet of Prema & Shruthi Hariharan in lead roles. This picture grossed average collections at the box geographic point.

2018????????????????????????????????????????????????? '????????????'?????????????????.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.????????????,????????????????????????????????.

In 2018 Upendra marked in 'Home Minister' every in Dravidian language and Telugu languages. A family mortal with the fascinating storyline is ready to unleash every in state and state. Opposite Upendra, Vedika plays a female lead role.

??????,??????????? '??????'????? '????????'??????????????????????? 2????????????????????????????????.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

Also, Upendra is acting in 2 new movies below production titled 'I Love You' and 'Ravi Chandra'. among the previous one Rachita Ram plays a female lead and among the later one Ravichandran, Sanvi Srivastava and Nimika Ratnakar play in lead roles.



Path of PrajaaKeeya

In a gathering sometime early 2001, Upendra had aware the audience, that his main purpose of getting in movie industry wasn't to be successful mortal, but he wanted to unfold a positive message to the Society. once not fun, he makes films regarding social causes, exploitation characters in his films to worry on fighting Corruption and building a progressive society.

?????????????????????????????????????,??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.????????????????????? {??????}?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

After discussing with many of his similar friends, he set to float a organisation, with the sole real purpose of eliminating the influence of money and Muscles in electoral processes. His main aim was to form positive the election of citizen’s representative in a {very} very true democratic vogue, where voters themselves take the contenders and not the political bosses.

??????????????????????????????, 2017???? {???}??????????????????????????,???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,????????????????????????????? "????????????????"??????????????????????????.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,???????????????????????? "????????"????????????????????????.

PrajaaKeeya was formally declared on Oct thirty 1st, 2017 in a {very} very Brobdingnagian gathering, where it fully was the media administrative body was unbroken on the stage, with Upendra speaking around the audience in true "Social Worker" vogue. lots has been spoken and written regarding his new endeavor every at intervals the media and amongst the commoner, also as Intellectuals administrative body acknowledge that the construct of "PrajaaKeeya".

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Multiple Manifestos has been discharged for the past 2 months, with stress on making sure process funds get transferred to the Last Governance purpose, i.e., Gram-Panchayat in rural areas or Ward-Committee in Cities. Transparency is that the key for every national to well-known but sq. measure|they're} being dominated and also the manner selections ar created, at the facet of access to the full technique of preferring ownership (TV/Internet).

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Hundreds of Social workers have flocked his geographical point, seeking electioneering for Assembly Elections due in may 2018, despite being aware that the strain would air Cashless Campaigns. Yes, Cutouts, Banners expensive Promotional Materials unit of measurement a Strict No-No.


In a True Prajakeeya vogue, there will be multiple planned Candidates for each Assembly body, administrative body will campaign for Citizen’s Governance listing out varied innovative points from our declaration. The Candidate administrative body gets most support from the Voters ar

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