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FrinedFilter Friend Remover A Great Alternative For Friend Remover Pro

Author: Friends Remover Pro
by Friends Remover Pro
Posted: Aug 10, 2019

If you are looking for an easier way to find and delete inactive friends on Facebook, you have found a great App that lets you do exactly what you want. It is called Friend Remover Pro, and it is the best App in the market to help you track and then remove your inactive friends in an easy and quick manner on Facebook. The popular Friend Remover Pro is a unique app that allow you to, get rid of many Facebook friends or unfriend all in only one click.

Typical Features

l Manage people who you want in your friendlist.

l Quick and prompt.

l Display a complete list of friend in descending order.

l Click on the Friend Remove Pro toolbar button to let the friends list window open & load all of your friends. Depending on the number of friends you have, it may take several minutes for all of your friends to load.

Why Should You Want to Delete Inactive Friends from Facebook?

Facebook Friends list can't surpass 5000 Friends. In other words, you cannot add in excess of 5000 people in your account on FB; nonetheless, of these 5000 persons, there are some phony or deactivated or idle Facebook Friends. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to check every Facebook Profile manually, then you will require a huge amount of time and it is actually quite difficult, for anybody of us. So, the best way to handle the task is to use the Google Chrome Extension named ‘Facebook Friend Remover Pro

  • app. To do this task you may have to have Google Chrome Browser installed on your system. It won’t work if you have some other browser installed so you need a Google Chrome browser.

Conventional Ways To Unfriend A Few Friends

In case you have only a couple of friends you may want to unfriend, you can just head over to your Friends page and begin removing them individually. Hover the mouse pointer over the friend, select the Unfriend option from the list. Before Facebook unfriends your contact it may want you to affirm the action. Having done that, the contact will be erased from your Friends list. Anyhow, in the event that the contact may still be your subscriber, then each and every update you publish will be visible to him/her, alongside your existing profile and cover picture which is public by default.

So in case, you need to unfriend friends in mass, Facebook's built-in options are not user-friendly by any means, and you will have to search for some other option.

Facebook Friend Remover - Best Way to Manage Friend List

Thanks to Facebook you have the choice to unfriend persons from the Facebook account, however, this would altogether become a tedious work. Accordingly, one needs to find out some other method to rapidly remove, the inactive facebook friends from the friend list.

There have been numerous ways available for people with respect to this task, however, none of it reformed for better use. A few of the methods may be like - adding a code script to delete friends from Facebook. Be that as it may, methods such as these can be fatal for a social media account and makes it increasingly prone to be hacked. This may give rise to abuse of personal data from the other end.

Hence, the best option left is to remove latent facebook friends by using a Facebook Friend Remover chrome extension.

Facebook Friend Remover Pro Has Phased Out

Unfortunately, it is true - Friend Remover Pro has been made inactive since Facebook updated its API. The App has received no update since 2017, so it does not work any longer. However, there is another App that can be used for the task. It is called FrinedFilter Friend remover, and you can download it here: FriendFilter Chrome Extension, and it will work amazingly.

Use FrinedFilter Friend Remover For Better Engagement

FriendFilter scans your posts and looks for engagement. Than we will display your engagement on the page. Next, it will reveal who is engaging and who is inactive. Hence, you can easily track who is inactive on Facebook, and delete friends who are not engaging with your posts. In this manner, you can easily refresh your Friend List on FB, and enhance your user experience, while engaging better with friends who are active on your profile page and follow your posts.


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FrinedFilter Friend remover is a highly recommended App, to manage and update your Friends List on FB, effortlessly.

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