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Contour Your Body Shape with Body Sculpting and Contouring

Author: Drtrue Dallas
by Drtrue Dallas
Posted: Jul 19, 2019
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It is a bliss when you are able to achieve major weight loss. But this weight loss can often leave you with loose skin hanging from your body parts. And this hinders the achievement of body shape that you are trying to achieve. These are the fats that just don’t seem to go, no matter the amount of exercise and diet control efforts you put in. But you can sculpt them off your body with various body sculpting and body contouring procedures that will help you contour your body shape making it leaner and giving you the perfect body outline you want.

What is Body Sculpting and Body Contouring?

Both body sculpting and body contouring cosmetic treatments performed to remove the excess fat and skin clinging to your body to contour your body to a better shape. Body Sculpting is just another name for Non-Surgical Body Contouring.

Body Contouring involves surgical and invasive procedures such as liposuction which suctions off the fat cells from the body through a tube. Body Sculpting, on the other hand is non-surgical, performed using lasers, ultrasound and other heating techniques to melt or kill the fat cells within the body and make them pass out from the body in due course of time.

Treatment Options

There are a number of surgical and non-surgical procedures you can choose from. You need to have a good consultation with your doctor for that. Your doctor will ask you your medical history, the areas you want to target and your expectations from the treatment. After the discussion, your doctor will be able to decide and suggest what is best for you.

Here are some procedures that your doctor can suggest you.

LiposuctionLiposuction cosmetic procedure used to be a major invasive procedure initially, but the advances in medical science and technology have made this procedure minimal invasive. There are many methods to perform this procedure, such as tumescent liposuction, ultrasound assisted liposuction and laser assisted liposuction. One thing is common to all these techniques and that is, the excess fat is suctioned out of the body with the help of a tube.

Tumescent liposuction involves injecting a sterile salt solution in the area to be treated. And then the fat is suctioned out of the body.

Ultrasound assisted and laser assisted techniques involve liquifying the fat cells using sound waves and laser waves before they can be suctioned out of the body.


This is a non-surgical procedure which aims at freezing the fat cells in the body. Fat cells die as soon as they get frozen and they pass out of the body naturally within a couple of weeks. The procedure is completely non-invasive and requires no down-time at all and for these reasons, it is preferred by many people.

Considerations to be Made

Although body sculpting and body contouring cosmetic surgery procedures reshape your body giving it the contour and look that you want, these procedures are no miracle. There are certain risks involved with the procedures. You can experience bleeding, infections, abnormal scar formation, swelling, bruising, numbness and pain. Sometimes one single procedure may not give satisfactory results and yet another surgery may need to be performed.

But despite the risks, these procedures have been beneficial for most of the people who have undergone them. Also, having the body that you want makes you more confident about yourself. All you have to do is take care of your health and diet after undergoing the procedure and follow what your doctor says for the success of the process.

About the Author

I am a content writer and my writings are mainly focused on cosmetic surgery. There is a lot that concerns people about cosmetic surgery and they want to know all about the procedure if they consider getting it done.

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