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How to Improve Your Project Delivery with EUSR CAT and Genny Training

Author: Peter Ashcroft
by Peter Ashcroft
Posted: Jul 20, 2019

During construction, your team has to do a lot of excavation. With underground utility services spread across the UK, such excavation work require proper management. This is where the EUSR and Cable Avoidance Tool (C.A.T.) & Genny training comes into play.

Your workers require intense training on the detection and location of these underground apparatus. More importantly, you need to equip your team with the necessary skills to handle CAT, Genny and any other underground detection equipment. If you are in the UK construction industry, it is important to learn how EUSR (Energy and Utility Skills Register) training can help.

EUSR Training in Brief

There’s no denying that underground services pose a big problem in the construction industry. As a utility contractor, you need a team that can safely handle underground services to avoid injuries, unnecessary project delays and costs.

TheEnergy and Utility Skills Register is an independent skills platform that sets standards for contractors in the utility industry. If you want to improve the skillset of your construction team, it is important to consider introducing your workers to the highest industry standards.

EUSR courses run under the wings of the Energy and Utility Skills. This is the sector skills body for waste management, water, electricity and gas in the UK. Through the Utility Excavations scheme, operatives and utility workers learn how to locateburied utility services. Trainees also learn how to implement safe excavation or digging practices.

After training, workers attain an HSG47 card which allows them to access a site for digging or excavating.

How EUSR CAT And Genny Training Helps your Team

The EUSR CAT and Genny training is necessary for everyone involved in a construction project. This includes those involved in planning, commissioning, managing and the actual digging work around buried utility services.

This course outlines the potential dangers involved in working near buried services. Trainees also learn how to avoid direct and indirect risks in such projects.

Direct risks include injuries or fatalities as a result of striking buried services. Indirect risks arise from damage to these underground services.

In the EUSR Excavation Safety course, participants also learn the fundamental elements of safe excavation. The steps for safe excavation include planning the excavation, identifying and locating underground services, and safe digging.

Other objectives of this course include helping workers to interpret utility drawings and line search documents. They also learn how to use the Cable Avoidance Tool (C.A.T.) & Genny to locate utility services.

Trainees are also introduced to the limitations of buried services detection equipment and drawings. They also learn the true costs of striking underground apparatus during excavation work. Through an introduction to risk assessment, workers gain crucial skills to help them work safely.

This training course also covers emergency procedures when dealing with underground utility services. This can reduce the extent of damage and prevent fatalities.

Why Your Team Needs EUSR Training

In the highly competitive UK construction industry, it is important to adjust your business strategy constantly. One way to do this is by equipping your team with the best skills to handle projects effectively.

EUSR training gives your team an edge in the industry. They can handle the most complex excavations involving underground utility services effectively. After training, your workers can appreciate the risks involved in working near buries services. They also gain the necessary skills to avoid such risks. This saves your company a lot of money in the long run.

Striking underground utility services can debilitate your construction business through workers’ compensation claims, project delays, license cancelation and local authority fines. You can avoid all these problems by equipping your workers with this safety critical course.

EUSR training equips your excavation team with crucial skills to assess risks involved in underground utility services. The course improves excavation safety, gets your workers accredited in handling buried services, and introduces them to CAT and Genny in different modes and the limitations of this equipment. This safety-critical course will make your team the most valuable in handling underground services.

They offer a raft of courses from Cable Avoidance Tool (C.A.T.) and Genny training, EUSR CAT and Genny training

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The company is an approved ProQual Centre and can provide Cat and Genny training to the Level 2 Award in Utility Location and Avoidance.

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