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Everything you need to do before moving long distance

Author: Betty White
by Betty White
Posted: Jul 18, 2019
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Everybody wishes to have a great move without stress, unforeseen happening, and difficulties. However, not many of us know what needs to be done in order to prevent any and all catastrophes during our move on moving day. The key is not what you do on the actual day of the move, but how do you prepare for that day. In case you are moving long-distance, from one state to another, you need to prepare even more then if you were to move only locally. We are here to help you. Let’s go over what you need to do before moving a long distance.

Before anything, find a new home and lock down the deal

This part is quite simple really. There is no point in planning the move before your new out of state property is locked down. So, until all the paperwork is done and there is a moving date there is no point to start planning ahead. Whatever the case may be, whether you are buying a property or renting it, get the deal locked down before you start planning the details of your move.

Before moving long distance get rid of things that you don’t need

All of us have things lying around the house that we haven’t used in months. Realistically, you might come across items that you haven’t used in years. Do your best to be realistic and sort out what you will not take with you. For example, the juicer that you just had to buy, but you never use should certainly not be packed and moved. There are a few options when getting rid of unwanted things. You can always donate some stuff and help those in need. Also, you can organize a garage sale or a yard sale. That is a great way to bust your moving budget. After all, moving long distance is very expensive. When I went through a long distance relocations in the state of Florida, I donated most of my unwanted stuff to Goodwill.

Make an inventory list

Once you have decided what you will take with you, make an inventory list with all those items. This list will help you in multiple instances during your move. It will be useful on moving day when loading all the items in the moving vehicle. Also, it will help once you arrive at your final destination. This way you can easily check is everything there. In addition to all of that, an inventory list can help you in estimating the cost of your move.

Will you hire professionals to help you move?

Before moving long distance, you must decide are you able to do it all on your own. Since you are going through a long distance move it is most likely that you will need professional help. Hiring professional moving help is a great investment, even though it can be expensive. No money can compensate for the stress and the strain that you will endure if you try to move long distance on your own. Make sure you choose the best moving company for your needs.

Before moving long distance, you must know your budget

Before you take any steps, in hiring a moving company and make any concrete plans, you must know your budget. Otherwise, there is a big possibility that you will spend more money than you should. You can use an online moving calculator to help you calculate all possible expenses related to your move. In order to choose the best possible moving company, ask multiple companies for their quotes. Also, you want them to provide you their estimates. Do not forget that the best estimates are done in your home and not over the phone.

Make appropriate arrangements for your pets

Moving is difficult for the entire family, including your furry friends. You mustn’t forget to help your pet during your relocation. This is another thing that you must do before moving long distance. Make sure their health is in order and they are ready to travel. Furthermore, think about their transportation. Can you drive them to yuor new home or you might need to fly them out? Plus, you might need some type of container or a cage during transportation. There is a lot to consider when relocating pets, so make sure all of that is in order before moving long distance.

Make sure all interested parties have your new address

This is tricky because it is very easy to forget somebody. First, you should inform your family and friends that you are moving and share your new address. Second, you must share your new address with your insurance company, credit company, shipping services, DMV, utility companies, doctor’s office, etc. It is always a good idea to ask the people that are moving into your old home, would they do you a favor and forward your mail in case it gets lost or you forget to inform somebody of your move.

It is never too soon to start packing

This is true, but only if you make a smart packing plan. Don’t pack things that you use on a daily basis 4 weeks before moving day. The last thing you want to do is pack some stuff and unpack it before moving day because you need something. Therefore, pack only things that you are certain you will not use before your move. For example, clothing items that are not used because they are for a different season or maybe some kitchen items that you do not use very often. Once you know what you will pack and bring, visit You want professionals in your corner when moving day comes.

Before moving long distance there are a lot of things that need to be done. We only mentioned a few that are very important. However, there are many more. Therefore, there is no time to waste. Start planning your long distance move immediately, so you can have a smooth and pleasant relocation experience.

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My name is Betty and I have been writing expert articles in relation to the moving industry for the last couple of years. Besides this specific area, I am also experienced in other spheres pertaining to the concept of relocation.

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