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Fix Broken Links On Your Wordpress Site With These Quick Tips

Author: Liz Seyi
by Liz Seyi
Posted: Jul 22, 2019
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No one likes broken links – not ordinary users, and not website owners either. ‘Broken links’ are, of course, those links leading to pages that no longer exist or have been removed with the web.

Pretty much anyone and everyone knows the frustration of clicking on one, and suddenly being presented with a ‘404 error’ or ‘Nothing here!’ page. Broken links aren’t only bad for the user experience, as they also do little for your brand’s online reputation and lower your Search Engine Optimisation Agency potential. In short, they’re menaces that you need to keep on top of.

Well, here are a few ways to find and fix those menaces on a WordPress site, like those that our own Seo Marketing Agency builds.

You could always do it manually...

Yes, this is definitely the more time-consuming way to identify and root out broken links on your WordPress site... but it’s worth being aware of, anyway.

Basically, you use the Check My Links extension in Chrome to run a scan on whatever page of your site you wish to check for broken links. Links will be labelled as either green, meaning they are working, or red, which indicates they aren’t.

Then, you simply need to enter the editor for the given page and correct whatever broken links the extension has picked up.

But as we’ve touched on already, this is hardly the most efficient or effortless process. Having to manually click around your site and check pages can consume a lot of time – literally hours if you have hundreds of indexed pages.

Plus, given that there are always previously functional links becoming broken across the web, it’s not even a permanent remedy. So, let’s look at how you can automate the process.

...or automate it all with a plugin

One of the great things about having a WordPress website, of course, is that it enables you to use WordPress plugins, and there seem to be plugins for almost everything these days.

That’s certainly the case with broken links, too. Install Broken Link Checker, for example, and it’ll work straight out of the box, without you even having to do anything else.

Even better news is that it provides you with a single, centralised dashboard listing the broken links across your entire site.

Oh, and you can also set up the plugin to keep checking your site’s links at a certain time interval, such as every 72 hours, thereby helping you to tackle the above problem of links becoming continually freshly broken.

A simple repair process, but potentially massive rewards

As a leading SEO marketing agency here at PENNInk Productions, we can provide the complete package with regard to site design, search engine optimisation and ongoing maintenance.

The repair of broken links is just one of the many potential issues our team can assist you with on an ongoing basis. In the process, we can empower you to markedly enhance the user experience and search engine rankings that your site delivers.

So, why not Contact Us Today to discuss how we can play our part in bolstering your brand’s online presence throughout 2019?

About the Author

This article is written by Liz Seyi, Digital Marketing Manager at Jumpinngspidermedia LLC.

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Author: Liz Seyi

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