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Malwarebytes a fast, efficient security program with an unusual approach

Author: John Sureka
by John Sureka
Posted: Jul 23, 2019
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Malwarebytes Helpline Number isn't like your usual security suite. The company's been a trusted name in Malwarebytes Customer Support Number removal for years, but it didn't perform as well as other antivirus suites when we put it up against samples in the ObjectiveSee malware library. That is by design, according to the company, but it leaves us in a difficult spot to make a judgement.

The spot checks

Finally, I decided to see how it would stand up against a piece of ransomware and chose the MacRansom sample. Malwarebytes Technical Support Phone Number didn't detect it while it was downloading, installing, or active. But as I mentioned earlier, that is by design.

IDGWhen I asked Malwarebytes about its failure to detect MacRansom the company said that it was guarding against MacRansom in 2017, but a year later it had stopped. "In summer of 2018, we saw that we had not detected even a single sample of MacRansom in the wild. Because of that, we culled those rules from the database," said Thomas Reed, Director of Mac & Mobile for Malwarebytes. "We don't believe in continuing to detect extinct malware, because that simply causes extended scan times without any actual benefit to the customer."

Ransomware in 2019 is an odd issue. If a home user gets infected it is without a doubt one of the most damaging pieces of malware to come up against. It’s designed to encrypt all of your files, and then demand a ransom (usually in the form of pseudonymous Bitcoin) to decrypt your files. To make matters worse, sometimes the bad guys won't even decrypt your stuff after you pay. These days ransomware is a bigger issue for businesses than people at home, which is in part why Malwarebytes Technical Support Phone Number felt comfortable pruning certain kinds of it from its active database.

The overall look of Malwarebytes Technical Support is basic and functional. Navigation happens from the left side rail with options for the primary dashboard, which indicates whether you’re protected or not, as well as a button to start a scan. There are also sections for scans, managing the quarantine for infected files, reports, and settings.

So here we are with a highly respected suite from a highly respected security company, but one that doesn't quite fit into our testing method. That means it's hard to make a call. There's no doubt that Malwarebytes Technical Support is excellent as a secondary defense, but can it be your primary one? If you leave your Mac's default settings as-is, then probably. MacOS has a number of built-in security defenses that make it much harder to get hit with malware in the first place and a backstop may be just what's needed. But if the unique approach of Malwarebytes Customer Support gives you pause, then I'd advise looking elsewhere

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