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A Guide To Improving Your League Of Legends Unaccompanied/Solo Ranked Game

Author: Business Solution
by Business Solution
Posted: Jul 04, 2014

Hello & welcome to my guide on the way of exponentially improving your league of legends unaccompanied/solo queue ranked game. Here I’ll cover a lot of of the widespread mistakes which players make & misconceptions which a lot of newer/ lower ranked players do have. This guide’s mainly headed for the ones who’re newer players looking for ways of improving their fundamentals & taking their game to a different level.

So let us start!

1. Smartcast.

Smartcast’s the alternative to instant cast the skills in the direction of mouse pointer rather than the targeting system.

2. Use the identical champions.

In the league of legends each champion is poles apart, usually vastly poles apart. If you’re to succeed in LoL the primary step’s to pick four /five champions which you’re comfortable with & practice with them each game.

3. Pinging’s 2nd nature.

Do attach the map ping button to something like G such that you are able to ping in rapid succession. Each time that you observe something’s going on there’s a tremendously good chance that no one else does. Ping anything such as this four- five times. Most individuals consider this to be annoying & hesitate but in truth this is able to be a game changer.

4. Being the superman &saving the game.

No. Under no situation will you ever be a hero & without help save the game at such as level of play. On the other team having three / four players attacking one of the turrets of yours you allow them to take it on you being alone. The finest action in this state of affairs is to riotously ping the map at the place & bring your team together at the back of the tower expectantly bringing about a winning squad fight letting you to push in front & either save the tower of yours / take theirs instantly after.

5. CSing’s king.

Last hitting minions happen to be more significant than anything else early on in the game.

6. Warding

League of Legends on the majority of occasions is able to be won simply by warding always.

7. Ignore negativity

In the event of you having got a player who is harassing everyone simply ignore them.

8. Learn from pros.

There’re many specialized League of Legends players that spend a great quantity of time streaming the games live.

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