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How to Get Rid Of Summer Ants?

Author: Marks Pest Control Adelaide
by Marks Pest Control Adelaide
Posted: Aug 04, 2019

A vast number of ants can show up in your house during summers. Ant is considered to be the most irritating pest and is also known for staving backyards and areas with food and moisture. These pests transmit disease very rarely but they are difficult to get rid of as they can easily take over the places where food and moisture are present such as bathrooms and kitchens. During summers, ants can run throughout the home uncontrolled as they are always in the search of food and shelter.

Many house owners are familiar to ants but there are still many species which are not known to the house owners, which are capable of infiltrating and taking over household. So we recommend hiring ant Pest Control Adelaide professional to get rid of these summertime ants.

Prevention Tips To Get Rid Of Summer Ants

Eliminate Nesting SitesAnts can be managed from entering inside for a long time by preventing them from breeding inside or around your home. Remove excess vegetables, yard debris, old landscapes, that assist as a breeding or nesting site for these unwanted invaders.

Remove Food SourcesIf you are keeping your kitchen neat and clean, then it will stop the ants from coming inside. You should sweep floors regularly and wipe down the counters to remove residue from spills and small pieces of food. Always keep the ripe fruits or vegetables in the refrigerator and other food in airtight sealed containers.

Eliminate Water SourcesLook for areas around your house where there is standing water as ants need water for their survival. Look for the moisturized areas like under the sink, damp basements, and crawl spaces for ant removal. Use a dehumidifier in those places to prevent ants.

Eliminate Access PointsInspect the outside of your home looking for the entry points of ants, trees, and bushes near your house should be cut down as their branches can give a higher route for them to enter inside. Seal the cracks and gaps in flooring vents, basement, roofing vents, and near plumbing. No matter how small will be the gaps but you should seal them up as ants can enter even through the smallest cracks and gaps.

Eliminate Ants Using DIY MixtureMake a solution using white vinegar and water, fill it inside a spray bottle and spray it over the line of ants or an anthill to disrupt their trails. Which will make it tougher for ants to return to their home.

Call ProfessionalsProfessionals can eliminate ants by locating the colony itself. By laying simple traps which contain poisoned food then ants take them back to the nest. Once the nest is found then terminators use various techniques like Pest Control Burton, ant nest removal to eliminate the ants from your house.

How Can We Help? Ant annexation can be prevented very easily if house owners take proper precautions. If you surmise an infestation then contact Marks Pest Control Adelaide to create and implement effective plans against them. Our company provides you the same day pest investigation services.

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