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How to choose high quality invisible ink for packaging?

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: Jul 30, 2019
invisible ink

When people think about invisible ink, a picture of secret map of a treasure island comes in the mind. But in reality, the invisible ink is crucial for restoring the security of the organization. People often think that invisible ink is child’s play but you need to understand the importance of the product. There are several manufacturing companies that use invisible ink for the security purposes. In that case, you need to look for a better quality of things in case of buying ink.

The composition of invisible ink

The composition of a professional invisible is pretty complex. The recipe is complicated because it is crucial to make counterfeited free. The professional security ink is luminous when you put it under the UV scanner. The ink consists of fluorescent molecules, simple sugar as binding agent, etc. The ink is not removable and waterproof as well, and this is the reason if you use it for printing it will remain for a long time.

Benefits of invisible ink

The invisible ink helps to restore the security of the organization. The ink is used to print the QR code, bar codes, symbol of the brands, anti-counterfeit marks, etc. The professional ink helps in concealing the confidential information of the product in the competitive market. Due to the ink no one can counterfeit the product and it helps to save the reputation of a brand.

How to choose high quality product?

When you go to buy invisible ink you need to consider which brand you are buying from. It is essential to get a reputed brand when it is important and related to the security of the company. Before going to buy an invisible ink you need to set a budget and look for a brand that sells ink under that budget. It is crucial to get a high quality product and to that you need to choose a reliable and reputed brand.

You need to test the quality before buying the product as the product needs to be waterproof. When you are opting for a professional ink make sure that the product is fluorescent so that one can see that under the UV light. Apart from that, you need to be assured from the security pigments supplier regarding the longevity of the ink as it will carrying the emblem and other information of the brand.

Lastly, from the above information it is clear that, importance of invisible ink in the manufacturing sector is undeniable. This is the reason you need to choose a reputed brand. When it comes to purchasing the ink, you need to do a market research. It will help you to choose an authentic brand.

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