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The Role of a Special Real Estate Commissioner in AZ

Author: Jeffrey Lynn
by Jeffrey Lynn
Posted: Aug 08, 2019

The real estate laws in Arizona are in place to protect everyone. However, the law cannot enforce itself so a real estate commissioner becomes a necessity. The principal responsibility of these commissioners is to enforce all real estate laws to achieve maximal protection for buyers of a property and those handling real estate licenses.

A real estate commissioner operates under different authorities, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. And while these bodies are critical, it is the commissioner who ultimately holds power over your options – as stated earlier; their main duty is to protect everyone by adhering to the stipulated laws.

Commissioners are appointed by the Governor. To qualify for this position, one needs to have actively engaged in the real estate brokerage industry or possess real estate-related experience in the state for five years within the past decade. For one to qualify as a Maricopa County real estate special commissioner they also must have three years of experience in an administrative position.

The roles of the commissioner:

Simplify the home searching process

One of the biggest problems that homebuyers face is identifying a property that suits their needs and personal preferences. The internet has made it easier, but an experienced real estate professional is still critical in the process. Top real estate commissioners can serve as the bridge between a client and their dream home. They take time to understand their client’s needs in terms of location, size, neighborhood, and most importantly, budget. Searching for a home can be stressful and commissioners will help.

Be part of the buying process

These commissioners walk their clients through each step of the process. They will be there right from property tours until closing. This not only gives the buyer confidence that everything is done in their best interest, but it also ensures that one gets the most value out of their purchase.

Resolve real estate disputes

Real estate disputes can quickly devolve into ugliness, especially if it involves occupancy, use, ownership, or financial benefit linked to a jointly owned asset. In this case, a commissioner with specific real estate expertise can be instrumental in resolving the case for lawyers and their clients.

Bring an action to the court

If a commissioner has reason to believe that a real estate licensee has breached or is about to breach the state’s laws, he or she may bring action in court to enjoin the licensee with the violation. And if the commissioner performs an audit that reflects the conversion or commingling of trust funds over $10,000, the court may restrain the licensee from further exercising his or her privilege.

The professional touch

First-time homebuyers or sellers may find it hard to navigate the process. But with a commissioner by their side, the process can be explained and managed. These experts are well informed about the process as well as the technicalities and laws. For instance, a Partition of Land Act may be involved and expertise for dealing with it is necessary. The average person does not have the training or expertise to deal with the complexities of real estate law.

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