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Some ways to master the Group Discussion Skills

Author: Simpli English
by Simpli English
Posted: May 29, 2020
group discussion

When you opt for a higher education in B-Schools, one of the important process is to pass through GD or Group Discussion. This part is conducted to evaluate student's knowledge and ability to communicate on certain topics. Before we learn about tips to ace in the discussion, let us first check its meaning.

What is Group Discussion?

Group Discussion is the process of technique used by corporate companies and educational institutions to judge the communication skills of participants. Conducted on group of people. GD acts as crucial stage before hiring or giving admission to respective people.

The process isn't that easy for participants because of the competition among each other. You need to present yourself confidently and positively so you are noticed and score well.

Top ways to master in group discussion: -

  • Carry Important Skills: -

Before you sit for the GD, make sure you carry few skills to keep you ahead. This includes-

  • Interpersonal Skills- This personal helps your normal conversation into impactful conversation. This will make you sound confident.
  • Leadership Quality- This quality will you to overshadow and compress other participants. It shows how well you can take over the discussion.
  • Listening Quality-A good listener is a good problem solver. It helps to build other essential qualities like analytical skill, critical thinking, communication, etc.
  • Know Group Discussion rules-

There are certain group discussion rules which you need to know appearing the same. This are-

  • Appearance- You need to present yourself well so that evaluators notice you. Always be in formal attire.
  • Eye Contact- When you debate or communicate during the session, it is important to have an eye contact. Make sure you don't look at the evaluator during the session.
  • Prepare Well-

One of the important ways to score good in GD is to prepare self well with current topics in all major areas. The topic of the GD may vary from business to politics to society. Therefore, you need to be very well prepared with topics. Get into the habit of active reading different subject. Another way of preparing is through mock discussion. Do mock discussion with friends and other groups to prepare well mentally.

  • Take Charge-

Take charge of the discussion right from the start. This will also show your leadership quality. Also, conclude the discussion by summing up well. Do listen to the entire discussion to ensure to conclude it well.

  • Speak if only Prepared-

During discussion, there are some points, which you would want to include so keep yourself in the lime light. However, here you need to keep in mind that speak only if you got solid point. If the point is off-track then you might lose point.

  • Never be Rigid-

Always keep one thing in mind that the other person is equally smart as you. So don't be rigid and always listen to him/her to forward your point. Never draw conclusion and do listen to other participants.

  • Stay Alert-

During GD, always stay alert so you can bring out the right point. Usually GD goes for 10-15 minutes, so you need to be very alert throughout the discussion. If you miss your track, you will miss scoring too.

  • Fluency in English-

Group Discussion happens in English language, so you need to be very fluent with English. Right from the tone to vocabulary, you need to be perfect. In case, you are average and want to make it perfect, then taking up a English speaking course online in India is the best option. Seeking training from expert trainers will help you to make your English fluent.

Conclusion: -

You need to keep in mind that Group Discussion is to bring your leadership and managerial skills. If you are good in it, you will end up scoring well and get admission or job.

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