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USB cable types and which one should be used

Author: Starstone Cable
by Starstone Cable
Posted: Aug 13, 2019

There are most of the electronic devices and the computers which have some form of USB connection where there are also many devices which come packaged with the USB charging cable. But what are the different cables for and why should it matter as to which one is used? It can be overwhelming sometimes to get an idea of all this. So below is the nitty-gritty which you should know about the USB standard.

Types of USB cable and their uses

The USB cable is said to be universal, but there are many different types in it. There are different functions of a USB charging cable where it is mainly for preserving the compatibility and also of supporting of the new devices.

Below are the most common types of USB cable and connectors:

  1. Type – A: This is the standard rectangular and flat interface which you find at the end of every USB cable. There are most of the computers which have multiple USB-A ports, which is for connecting the peripherals. This is also found on the TV’s, game consoles and other devices. This fast charge cable, is said to be inserted in only one
  2. Type-B: This is an almost square connector which is commonly used for printers and also other powered devices which connect to the computer. They are not said to be very common presently since most of the devices have smaller connection portability.
  3. Mini- USB: This is a smaller connector type which was a standard one of the mobile devices before the micro-USB. It is not very common today where this is still found in some cameras, MP3 players, PlayStation 3 controller, and other similar devices.
  4. Micro-USB: This is regarded as the present standard for the mobile and portable devices which is even smaller than the mini-USB. Micro-USB is found on all types of smartphones, USB battery packs, tablets, and game controllers where some have even moved to the USB-C. But it has been made a notion that this is also slowly reducing in popularity.
  5. Type-C: This is the new USB standard, i.e. a reversible fast charge cable which can promise a higher transfer rate and can also provide more power than the previous USB types. It also has the capacity of juggling multiple types of functions. It can be seen on many smart phones, laptops, which include Pixel phones, MacBook, and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.
  6. Lightening: This is not a true USB standard, but it is said to be Apple’s proprietary connector which is for iPad, iPhone, AirPods, and much more. The size of it is similar to USB-C and it comes standard on the Apple devices which have been released since September 2012. The older form of Apple devices utilizes a large 30-pin proprietary connector.

There are most cases where USB cables have the standard type-A and also one type-B end. If you require a proficient USB cable, then StarStoneCable provides efficient and long-lasting cable devices.


There are many types of USB cables which have diminished over time where presently, only the type-A USB cables are mostly used. Even lightning cables are also used for those who have Apple products.

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The Starstone Tech is a professional manufacturer of USB cables and digital data sync products. We provide finished cables for bulk sell and wholesale worldwide, and we also provide customized products services according to clients’ requirements.

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