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Author: Tritan Solutions
by Tritan Solutions
Posted: Aug 13, 2019

MLM Multilevel marketing is a commission based business where sales associate or independent distributor sells products themselves and they also introduce new members or sales representatives who joins the company below in their hierarchy to sell products jointly. MLM Multilevel marketing is a legitimate business strategy, though it is controversial. This is a tiered, commission-based business where sales person has two possible incomes i.e. their own sales, and a percentage of the commission made from other sales reps.

MLM Multilevel marketing companies generally do not advertise in media online etc and instead they rely on word-of-mouth sales. The more sales a representative can generate, the more people learn about the product and become interested in buying it. Therefore, MLM multilevel marketing companies are good for those who having a large circle of friends and family to whom they can sell.

How to start new MLM Multilevel marketing company?
  1. You need to first Decide a Product which u want sell online and target customers
  2. Look for wholesale or manufacturers of that product to work on pricing.
  3. Set the MRP, Distributor price and Business Value for that product
  4. Set all legal procedures for your company and register with company of registrars.
  5. Contact us for MLM software and we will develop software as per your requirement.
  6. Define sales Strategize and Start your MLM Business Promotion
Why MLM Companies Need MLM Software?

Our MLM Software can handle even very complicated process with great simplicity and with a well-organized structure. Making a blue print of business at first and then customizing the software in accordance with that can embrace the nature of business and it keep new blossoms occupied with beauty. These two factors or terminologies or whatever you like to call it, it’s like Laurel and Hardy perfect chemistry as it is considered as one of the best. Choosing our best MLM Software with following features and functionalities:

1. MLM software with E-Commerce functionality

Our advanced MLM software has E-commerce functionality which is one of the most important requirements in MLM software or in every online business software. In our Ecommerce module we have integrated MLM Software and ERP modules to manage your orders online. Our TritanERP MLM software is fully loaded with all the features and functionalities required for e-commerce dependent MLM software. Through Ecommerce functionality your MLM software gets log of benefits and helps grabbing more customers online. This not even helps in direct selling however it helps getting customers directly from internet. Our MLM software is fully organized, optimized and SEO friendly. Our MLM software has add to cart, wish list, comparison, checkout, payment gateway etc.

2. Payumoney Payment Processing

Our MLM software has full functionality required for payment gateway. We have exclusive partnership with Payumoney and integrated with their payment gateway. Payment processing is the most important thing in MLM Software or ecommerce business and our MLM Software contains a simple and secure money transaction system through which you can collect your payments. Tritan MLM Software is included with the latest automatic payment processing methods including Debit card, credit card, E-pin and E-Wallet etc.

3. Support plans

MLM software should support your plans and it’s the most important aspect of any multi level marketing business. Our MLM software supports many MLM plan means our software is more genuine and flexible, our MLM software supports a couple of various MLM plans including binary MLM plan, matrix plan, unilevel plan, Crowed funding, board plan, MLM Gift plan etc. Our MLM software is capable of handling client’s ideas and new MLM ideas into MLM Software.

4. Support Systems/Ticket System

Customer support very important in MLM software. Our MLM Software is integrated with a centralized support system which will handle queries through tickets, web forums, and telephone calls. The ticketing system will raise tickets for the queries as per the importance of the query and check the status. Which also have predefined solutions and self-help options in which the user can find out the solutions for the frequently asked queries? Our MLM Software support includes many more features like Email notifications, canned responses, file attachments, time spent on tickets, reply and article rating, SPAM prevention, reports, multi-language and more.

5. E-Pin

E-pins are one of the most secure ways of a transaction. Most of the MLM organizations select E-pin for doing their business transaction through e-pin registration. In MLM Software E-pins are generated for various purposes including Online Purchase, Online Registration, Sign up, Member Renewal and more. E-pin is a feature used in our MLM Software for pin generation and new member registration using generated E-pin. Our MLM Software provides high end feature support in E-pin integration with our software. Our MLM software E pin system includes Secured Transaction, Versatile Transactions, and Reporting System.

6. E-Wallet

E-Wallet is a cloud-based storage medium for keeping information for E-money transactions avoiding entering user data each time of a transaction. E-wallet ensures the E-commerce transactions rapidly and safely. In MLM Software systems E-wallet act as a virtual account where the member can make transactions with the amount available in the account. Our MLM Software provides inbuilt high end E-wallet option. You really need to make sure that you select the best MLM Software with a decent E-Wallet framework for your MLM Company.

7. Strong Backup

Our MLM Software is also providing a high secured backup option which will allow you to keep your data safe even there is any security problem with your site.

Checklist for DIRECT SELLING Companies
  1. Are you giving any misleading, deceptive or unfair recruiting practices, including misrepresentation of actual or potential sales or earnings?
  2. Doing any factual representation to a non-member that cannot be verified or making any promise that cannot be fulfilled?
  3. Presenting any advantages of direct selling to a non-member in a false or deceptive manner?
  4. Requesting any direct sellers to provide benefit such as any sales demonstration equipment, entry fees and renewal fees, or to purchase or material to participate in direct selling operations?
  5. Providing any benefit to any person for the introduction or recruitment of one or more persons as direct sellers?
  6. Asking the direct sellers to pay any money by way of minimum monthly subscription or renewal charges?
  7. Documentation of Conditions for Direct Selling Contract between Direct Seller & Direct Selling Entity is available?
  8. Is your with Agreement with Direct Seller in accordance with section 10 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872?
  9. Is your agreement with Direct Seller in writing?
  10. Have you described the material terms of participation not forcing the direct sellers to buy such amount of products that cannot be sold to the consumer in reasonable time?
  11. Do you provide the direct seller a reasonable cooling-off period in which he can cancel his participation and receive a refund for goods or services purchased?
  12. Do you provide a buy-back or repurchase policy for currently marketable goods or services sold to the direct seller?
Checklist for Distributors or Direct Sellers
  1. During the demonstration, a direct seller on without any request and on his own should truthfully identify himself as well as the identity of direct selling company and the nature of good.
  2. A direct seller should always carry his identity card while visiting a customer.
  3. No direct seller shall visit the customer’s premise without prior appointment.
  4. Prices should be accurate and as per company policies
  5. Credit terms should be explained properly to the customer.
  6. Terms of payment should be clearly explained to the customer.
  7. Return policies are explained properly to the customer and referring then back to the company website.
  8. Terms of guarantee is clearly defined and explained to the customer
  9. After-sales service details are given to the customer
  10. Goods and services are in good shape and condition
Checklist for a new member or a prospect consumer
  1. Name, address, registration number or enrollment number, identity proof and telephone number of the direct seller and details of the direct selling entity.
  2. Description of the goods or services to be supplied to the customer explained properly.
  3. Need to Explain in detail consumer about the goods return policy of the company in the details before the transaction.
  4. Order date with tax, the total amount to be paid by the consumer along with the bill and receipt.
  5. Time and place for inspection of the sample and delivery of the goods.
  6. Information about his/her rights to cancel the order and/or to return the product in saleable condition and avail full refund on sums paid.
  7. Details regarding the complaint redressed mechanism.
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