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Laser or Non-Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal – Which is the Best Choice?

Author: Dean Martin
by Dean Martin
Posted: Aug 15, 2019

If you’re upset with your distorted eyebrow tattoo, migration of its pigments or partial discoloration, having a non-laser eyebrow tattoo removal is obviously a steady choice. Even though, laser method is still chosen by the largest part of candidates having removal of eyebrow tattoo, it’s intimidating that more than 45% of them experience issues like dull or discolored skin, skin scar, infected skin caused by the extremely damaging rays of laser that basically destroy the most delicate skin tissues surrounding eyes. So, why do invite frustration in your life with a laser when the industry has been prepared with 100% natural, safe, and simple solution of removing cosmetic tattoos. If you’re not aware of the pioneering concept of tattoo removal session, keep on reading the article to decide whether to settle on laser or non-laser

Pioneering Approach

The concept of non-laser eyebrow tattoo removal is based on the simplest de-inking process which is done with the highly sophisticated tattoo gun. After making the eyebrow area numbed with a local anesthetic, the epidermis layer of the eyebrow skin is opened with the tattoo gun. Then the use of the ink eraser cream enters into the layer successfully and gets the ink pigments to the upper level. This forms a scab that continually dries and falls off with dried ink pigments and helps you get the removal with no side effect, possible redness, swelling, skin infection or scar which are some common outcomes of laser removal.

Absolutely Natural

With no use of laser beams, toxic chemicals, or acidic compounds, the simple method of non-laser eyebrow tattoo removal appears 100% natural and safe for your skin as well as an eyebrow. While proximate exposure to direct laser rays often lead to falling off the remaining eyebrows in due course of time as their base becomes feeble, non-laser methods ensure absolute wellbeing of your current eyebrows.

Fewer Treatments

According to customer reviews, those who undergo non-laser removal method typically complete the full course of treatment spending 50-70% less time than laser method which usually takes 5-8 sessions to get rid of eyebrow tattoo.

Effective for All Colors

Laser-based eyebrow tattoo removal involves penetrating the skin with different kinds of beams which in turn disintegrate the pigments after it’s absorbed by the skin. Typically, while laser works relatively well to deal with black and gray tattoos, it appears taxing for technicians to remove light pigments like pink, white or light blue, etc. However, for non-laser which simply de-inks the pigments from the place, color is not just an issue and thus, it works effectively on all color types.

Less Costly

You will be simply spellbound knowing the cost of removing tattoos, no matter, be it a normal body tattoo or cosmetic tattoo for eyebrow. When considering a laser method, you should be mentally ready to pay at least 10 times, if not more than the cost that you invested in having the tattoo. On the contrary, non-laser is an affordable solution, however, depending on the type of inks used in your eyebrows earlier or its color and solutions desired, the rate is likely to vary with the number of sessions. Only after evaluation of the current status, technicians there can give you an estimate of the cost.

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