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Discover 7 Swiss Tourist Cities to See on Your Next Trip

Author: Dan Cortazio
by Dan Cortazio
Posted: Aug 12, 2019

There are some Swiss tourist cities that are beyond the well-known Zurich. You may not know it, but Bern is the capital of the country. And that makes it totally advisable for tourists from all over the world to visit the place.

But there are more things you may not know about the cities of Switzerland. Do you know that there are places with exotic trees, which lie between rivers or mountains, for example? There is a very hidden beauty in the Swiss villages that you will discover below.

So it's pretty clever for you to read this content before you close your next trip to Switzerland. From here you can get some amazing ideas, which will make your tour much more incredible and unique. And Switzerland is one of the countries with the most relevant history and culture in the world!

1 - BernWe can't start any other way than talking about the capital of Switzerland. Bern is the Swiss capital and is right in the central-west of the country.

Now, just the fact of being the capital already indicates that it is a city to be visited. But that's not all. The city is also a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, based on UNESCO. And reason has to do with its architecture, which is archaic and medieval, being from the sixteenth century.

If you're going to pass through Bern, ask about the figures, including the Kindlifresserbrunnen. In addition, Bern is among the most incredible Swiss tourist cities for the works of Paul Klee, designed by Renzo Piano.

2 - MontreuxDo you believe there are people going to Switzerland just thinking about Montreux? And there are good reasons for that. It's a charming place and it's a bit of a departure from the country's history and culture. Because it's really strong because of the landscape.

In Montreux you can stay by the sea, along Lake Geneva, which is in the southwest of the country. There, all the language spoken is French, including the name of the city is already an indication.

Besides the sea and the lake, you will find many exotic trees there, as well as flowers that surround the alpine views.

Also in Montreux you can see the 13th century castle called Ch√Ęteau de Chillon. It overlooks the lake and is the inspiration for several literary works by Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Lord Byron.

3 - LucerneLucerne also has its place in Switzerland. It's right in the middle of the country and it's like Bern: a city considered old and traditional. There you will find the historic painted houses, just like the central square in Weinmarkt.

In addition to the houses, there are monuments (such as Kapellbrucke), a covered tip and even a preserved wall (Musegg Wall).

That's why you've probably heard of Lucerne before. It is one of the best known tourist cities in Switzerland because it is in the history books. Now, if you want to be impressed, know that Lucerne also has its modern side.

The Center for Culture and Congress are part of this new context. They are the work of Jean Nouvel. And you can access the mountains of Pilatus, Rigi or Stanserhorn to make the ride even more incredible.

4 - GuardGuarda is a small village, so it is not considered a tourist town. Now, if you're here on our list it's because, without a doubt, it makes up for your trip and your visit. There are old houses from the 17th century.

Obviously, Guarda received the award for the preservation of these houses and for their architecture as well. The prize is in Alois Carigiet's book, called Schellen-Ursli.

5 - InterlakenYou don't need to understand much of another language to see that Interlaken is something like "between rivers" or "between lakes," right? And the name of the city is very suggestive, since it is between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. It is therefore one of the highest peaks in the Swiss country.

The place is indicated for Brazilians and tourists who like natural landscapes and that has breath. This is because the trails go to a viewpoint with more than 1.3 thousand meters in the shape of a funnel. If you like adventure, consider Interlaken, okay?

7 tourist attractions in Zurich, Switzerland, for you to see6 - MorcotAnother Swiss tourist city is Morcote, which is also a kind of village. It lies along the entire coast of Lake Lugano. The place is formed by fishermen who explore the hills and the lake.

There is a historic church tower called Santa Maria del Sasso.

For those who like nature, you can consider all the Asian flora in the village, as well as the Greek sculptures. There is also an Egyptian temple there, from where you can have incredible panoramic views.

7 - SoglioSoglio is the last city we're gonna quote here. It is much more in the southern part of the country. The village is incredibly beautiful and lies between mountains.

It is also more for the history and culture side of the country. It has cobbled streets, historic churches and a view that leaves anyone with a chin down. Have you ever heard of the sequoias, those huge and old trees? There's also there.


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