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Benefits of Using Condominium Bidding Software

Author: Emily Martin
by Emily Martin
Posted: Aug 17, 2019
condominium bidding

Condominiums have become very popular among prospective homeowners in recent times. It is the best option for those who cannot afford an individual house but would love to own some real estate. It has grown into an interesting option in major cities where people prefer to be closer to their place of work and prefer condos over suburban houses. It also frees them up from having to take care of things such as maintenance and repairs of the common spaces.

Property managers and vendors have taken note of this trend, and have shown an increased interest in investing in condominiums. However, the process is usually fraught with inconsistencies. Are you looking for a more streamlined process for condominium bidding? Then condominium bidding software is just what you need. Here are five causes; why should consider using the software.

Five Top Reasons Why Condominium Bidding Software is Beneficial for Both Property Managers & Vendors

#1 Easy to Manage

A condominium bidding software simplifies the process and makes it easier for both the vendors and the property managers. The property manager has to upload the bid on the software. All the vendors and board members get notifications instantly. There is no requirement for a distinct communication. The portal gives complete access to all information regarding the condo. It even lets you schedule visits.

#2 Transparency

The process is completely transparent from the beginning to the end. All the parties involved get notifications as soon as the manager posts a bid. Once the deadline has crossed, the property managers, as well as the board members, receive a mail containing the bid amounts. They can then carry out a judgment based on the bids. There is no scope for anyone to meddle in the process and give undue advantage to someone they know.

#3 Increased Security

Until the deadline is up, no one can see the bid amounts. The software ensures the sanctity of the process by this sealing the bids. Every time a bid is placed, the managers and board members can see who placed the bid, but not the bid amount. By sealing the bids this way, the condominium bidding software ensures that the process is secure and there are no chances of any malpractice.

#4 Efficiency

You can do everything related to the condo from a single platform. The software can schedule visits, post photos, handle multiple queries about a project. It does all this without an iota of lag. The bidding process commences the instant a job a posted. If the manager wants to add additional vendors, they can invite the vendors via email. Since the whole process is carried out over the condominium bidding software, there is no delay at any step. There is no time wasted in placing an ad in the newspaper or on another site. Since the property managers can access the software from anywhere and are not limited by a particular location, they can utilise their time efficiently.

#5 Complete Control

The software also offers complete control over who should be involved in the bidding. Since the property managers control which vendors to invite for the bidding, the list of bids becomes more manageable. If you only invite trusted vendors, the need for thorough background checks is also reduced. By limiting the list of bids to only trustworthy vendors, the selection of winning bid also becomes easier as you only have to evaluate the bid amount and the details.

Get the Best Condominium Bidding Software

Are you looking for a software that offers all the benefits mentioned above and more? Try Tenderly! The state of the art portal is perfect to handle everything related to condo bidding. Use this portal, and your perception of the bidding process will change forever!

About the Author

The author works in a construction company and suggests using Tenderly, a bidding software that allows the efficient, secure and transparent tendering process.

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Author: Emily Martin

Emily Martin

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