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NCERT Solutions for class 10 Maths

Author: Lalit Kumar
by Lalit Kumar
Posted: Aug 21, 2019
class maths

When you are in class 10 maths subject is the most important as well as scoring subject, this is the subject in which you can score 100 marks with proper planning and structuring of your subject. so questions must wondering you how to score goof makes in class 10 maths, how to use NCERT Solution for class 10 maths. so lets understand the to do list and don't do list for class 10 maths.

NCERT Solution for class 10 Maths is highly recommended for all students who are in class 10 to score good marks in class 10. entrancei academic team prepared all possible resource which are useful for class 10 maths students like detail theory of class 10 maths, questions for class 10 maths, concept for class 10 maths, online chapter wise test for class 10 maths, sample papers for class 10 maths & NCERT solutions for class 10 maths. check it out our class 10 maths formula for one destination for all maths formula.

Must do list for class 10 maths

1. Always read the chapter from your NCERT text Book. and attend all lecture in school.

2. Solve all questions given in NCERT text Book.take help form NCERT solution of class 10 maths

3. Make note for your class 10 maths

4. Write down all maths formula in page page before the notes starts

5. try to solve all questions by yourself without taking help from NCERT class 10 maths solutions

Don’t list for class 10 maths

  1. Never try to memorise the numerical
  2. Try to solve questions as many time as you can don’t jump to solutions immediately
  3. Don’t solve questions before reading the theory part of chapter
  4. Don’t change subject while doing questions
  5. Don’t learn solution of any question
  6. Don’t use calculators for calculations use it by yourself

Maths is subject of practice so try to solve as many questions as you can solve questions from reference book with NCERT.You can refer entrancei question bank.

Lets take an example of topic

Solutions of Linear equation

Solution of linear equation is the value of variables which satisfy the equation.

Solution of linear equation in one variable ® There is only one solution

Solution of linear equation in two variables ® There are infinite number of solutions

How to find Solution of linear equation

  • Take arbitrary value of one variable and put it in equation, this gives value of another variable
  • The easy way to find two solutions for linear equation is to take x = 0 and get the corresponding value of y. Also put y = 0 and get the corresponding value of x.

Graph of linear equation in two variables

  • To plot the graph, find 3 or 4 solutions of the given equation and locate these solutions or co-ordinates on a Cartesian plane and by joining them, get a straight line.


  1. The geometrical representation of linear equation in two variables is a straight line that is why it is called linear equation.
  2. Every solution of the given equation lies on corresponding graph (straight. line).
  3. Every point on the line satisfies the given equation or is a solution of the given equation.
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