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Outsource 2D Planning & Drafting Services to India

Author: Ray Watson
by Ray Watson
Posted: Aug 22, 2019
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Characters remain at the core of animations. As an animator, your job is to lend a vision to these characters and instill life in them. The appearance and style you give to the character depend on the requirements of the particular project.

Here are six useful tips for you when deploying 2D animation to beef up the characters:

1. Find the correct style

It is improbable to define the precise look and feel of all animated projects as it would cater to the preferences and mindset of the target audiences. For instance, an animation is created for children is likely to have bold patterns and bright colors. You need to create an environment that enhances the efficacy of your characters.

Defining the correct style for animation is key to your success. You should know how to turn vague ideas into a specific style. Create unique characters that enthrall your audiences, and you can then be sure of attaining success.

2. Endow your characters with a distinct personality

Giving animation characters a different persona is important, else they will disappear in the crowd. You need to set up a concept design and character design that sets them apart from other characters. Often, you may need to add a backstory to lend them history and depth. Character traits are written first on paper and then you need to depict these traits on the character’s body shape, movements, and facial expressions. Soft lines are used for indicating gentleness while sharp corners may denote negative aspects of their character. Sharp edges may be used to showcase the character’s strength and integrity hidden underneath.

3. Use accessories and color carefully

Design elements like accessories and color help a lot in revealing what is undergoing in the characters’ minds and hearts. The yellow complexion of the Simpsons was a factor in them drawing viewers’ attention. Reds and blues make users come across as comic book heroes, while dark colors hint that the character has some personality aspects that may not be unwelcome.

Accessories are used to let viewers peek into the character’s circumstances. Facial expressions give viewers visual clues to gauge the characters’ personalities. A competent animator would know how to use these features to impress upon the sensibilities of the target audiences.

Reveal character personalities fully

Work on creating an environment that reveals various layers of your characters’ personalities. For example, you may introduce elements that clash with the character to demonstrate a conflict. The animator may work on small details in particular scenes like background objects or colors to make it proportionate with the character. A competent animator would know how to match the surroundings with the character. They recognize the importance of every single detail and leave no stone unturned to make the whole animation look realistic.

5. Streamline characters’ personalities, appearances, and actions

The ways your characters appear and interact directly influence the success of the entire project. As an animator, you have to make sure the viewers do not get turned off by the way your characters are appearing and behaving. Accordingly, you would need to use the colors, styles, shapes and other details. This will help you create characters that your audiences are able to gel with.

Use storyboard layout wisely

Before you set out creating your characters, it is important to create an outline of the action with a storyboard. This stage is meant to define the motion sequence of your characters. For instance, if you want to showcase a soccer game, the storyboard will demonstrate events like grabbing the ball, dribbling it, taking the aim on the goalpost and finally hitting the ball. You need not necessarily create the finest storyboard ever. Rather you may just create the storyboard consisting of rough sketches, models or just verbal descriptions. The objective of the exercise is to put in place the sequence of your whole animation.

Summing up

You need to cultivate the capacity of designing such characters or look for external animators for hire. Outsourcing the job will enable you to cast your net wide and get hire multimedia artists who have the skillset to execute your vision. With the right talent, you can be pretty much sure about creating an animation that does justice to your vision and pulls your efficiency.

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Watson Ray is a famous content writer in Delhi NCR. Currently I am working for Multimedia Animators as a senior content writer.

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