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What to Do After Passing the Real Estate License Exam?

Author: Renee Helten
by Renee Helten
Posted: Aug 25, 2019

Passing the real estate license exam is a great achievement. Both attending real estate school classes in person and online real estate exam preparation requires a lot of effort from your side. As a newly added member to the community of real estate professionals, you might be thinking about what to do now to have a wonderful start for your career.

You know that real estate license schools and real estate exam preparation differ from state to state. So, the steps that you can take next after seriously attending a real estate school in your area and passing the real estate license exam also may differ slightly from state to state. But, there are certain steps that any new real estate professional can take to start his or her career in a great way.

You can consider doing the following steps after passing your real estate license exam to have a perfect start for your real estate career-

Look out for a sponsoring broker

Brokers are generally experts having a broker’s license, vast network and extensive experience. You should connect with a good broker in the area where you want to operate. For example, if you have a real estate license colorado, connect with a broker that is active in the state of Colorado. It is best to find a broker in the same city in which you want to do your real estate business. A good broker can provide you huge wealth of knowledge, which can help you in becoming a successful real estate professional. You have to just provide a part of the commission that you will earn to the broker in exchange for his or her indispensable knowledge.

Join professional organizations

You will find many real estate professional organizations both at the state and national level. If you want to work in a particular state, then you should consider joining a professional organization active in that state. For example, if you have passed Colorado real estate license exam, then joining an active organization in this state will help you network with other real estate professionals who are operating in this state for many years, thus significantly increasing your professional knowledge.

If in case, you are looking forward to deal in properties nation-wide, then joining a national organization can be of great benefit for you. An example of a good national organization for real estate agents is the National Association of Realtors. This organization aims to provide the best opportunities and resources to its members in order to enhance their professional skills and help them maximize their revenues. Besides, the national and state-level organizations, there are also present some organizations that are active at the international level.

Have a great professional profile

Having a great professional profile is very important as it helps in getting more clients. So, after you are done with the basic stages, which include attending a real estate school, doing real estate exam preparation and then passing successfully the real estate license exam, you should start focusing on building a good professional profile. You should create and work on your professional profile on various social media sites. You should create a professional website so that you can earn more clients. To establish rapport with the residents of the areas that you want to work in, you should attend local events where you will get the chance of interacting with the local people.

Download a podcast app

Download a podcast app on your phone and listen to the discussions and interviews about the real estate business in your area. Just like good articles and blogs, podcasts can provide you invaluable information to help you succeed in your real estate career. For example, if you went to a Colorado real estate school and earned a real estate license for Colorado, you can listen to interviews of top-performing real estate professionals in Colorado. These interviews can provide you tips and tricks and give you insight on the careers of the highly successful real estate professionals.

Set up a budget for your present and future tasks

You should start budgeting how much money you will spend on marketing tasks such as business cards, websites, pamphlets, business suits, etc. Estimate what you will be earning annually, if you are able to carry out your real estate business as planned. According to the estimated income, you can plan how much amount you can keep for getting an office space for your business or for hiring an assistant. Structuring a budget and future planning will save you from unpleasant surprises and help you in keeping everything streamlined.

Find a mentor

After getting your real estate license, try to find out a seasoned real estate professional who can guide you on how to traverse the road to success. Your mentor can teach you practically what to do and what not to do in order to gain success in the competitive real estate market. For gaining best knowledge, get actively involved with your mentor in the buying and selling of properties. This will help you see exactly how your mentor works from start to end, making you fully understand his or her methodology.

It is hoped that the above-mentioned steps will remove the confusion and provide clarity to your mind about the best things to do after passing out the real estate license exam.

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Renee Helten is Founder Hired Schools, Who writes sometimes on the topics related to real estate career. It is Real Estate School that teaches with a perspective of "been there, done that" in real estate.

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