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The Importance of Gemstone Pyramids

Author: Jesse Lamere
by Jesse Lamere
Posted: Sep 02, 2019

Some people in the world believe in the power of gemstones and their healing nature. The therapeutic properties of the gemstones are used in treating various medical conditions like hormone imbalances, evil eye and power to stay away from addictions. The crystals that are obtained from nature have a healing power that can stabilize the mind and body. Gemstone pyramids are known to have mystical powers as they have a strong electromagnetic field. This is used to control the body and mind with positive energy. The control imparted by the gemstones provides a harmonizing effect when used.

Seven gemstones are placed one above the other to create a pyramid structure. The gemstones are semi-precious gemstones that are arranged in a format to create one dominant gemstone to be used as an ornament or altar. Some of the commonly used gemstones in this pyramid formation are quartz, jade, onyx, serpentine, red jasper, etc. The gemstone pyramid collects universal energy from the tip and disperses it into nature. The pyramid shape is the most sacred geometrical shape that beholds positive energy. They are used as ornamental pieces as it has the power to ward off negative energies and replenish with positive energy.

Amethyst pyramids are very popular spiritual stones as they energize mind and body. They are especially great if you are suffering from insomnia and disturbed sleep. It boosts hormone production and treats anxiety. Quartz gemstone is known to aid the immune system to function well. It is good for those that suffer from vertigo or dizziness in the head. While clear colored quartz helps in connecting with our inner spirit, rose-colored quartz is used to increase fertility. It has soothing properties and given to people that grieving over the loss of loved ones.

Gemstone pyramids are good to get a concentrated source of energy while sphere shaped ones are suitable for those that need gentler energy. Symmetry and balance are important to life. The polished gemstone crystals generate energy and store it. Besides healing our body, the gemstone pyramid uses its energy to clean the space around us from negative energy. If you want to uplift your spiritual energy, keep a pyramid crystal at home. Few other forms and shapes of jewelry like gold hologram necklace and golden ratio necklace have a positive impact on the user. The golden ratio necklace is believed to bring an abundance of energy in life.

Add beauty and peace to life with meaningful pendants and jewelry. Some symbols like a spiral, golden ratio and hologram represent harmony and tranquility. The spiral shape often represents feminine nature and fertility. Spiral shapes and circle shapes are more abundant in nature as compared to the pyramid and triangle shapes. The golden ratio is a very important symbol in all cultures as it is related to universal truth. It is known to prevent the universe from getting sucked into the black hole and keeps the stability of the universe. The golden ratio necklace design is similar to shapes in nature and is an aesthetically pleasing design. To know more about healing gemstone jewelry, visit here.

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