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Types of Security Software Programs for your device

Author: Anaya Sinha
by Anaya Sinha
Posted: Sep 03, 2019

In this fast-growing technology, most of your jobs get digital. Now, you are somehow relying on your devices for completing your task. But is that safe? Technology makes your job easy but security is another parameter. If you are digitally active, you must have to secure your device and network in an account for working peacefully.

There are various kinds of security software which are designed for providing an extra layer of protection to your device. You can choose the level of security according to your device and job. It's not necessary that you always need several security features for your device. It depends on the type of device and how efficiently you work. If you use the internet on your device; you need security software which can protect your device as well as your network.

Types of security software


Antivirus is the most common and widely used security software. It provides security from all viruses which are lurking around your device for infecting your device. Whenever a virus enters in your device; antivirus detects it quickly and alerts you. Your antivirus quickly removes the threat before it harms your device. No matter you are using your desktop or a mobile phone; antivirus is the must-use security software for every device.

Anti-Spyware Software

Spyware programs are used for stealing your data or monitoring your activity. Spyware does not harm your device but they have the potential to get you into a huge loss. Spyware applications do not affect the files hence your antivirus can't detect them. You will need anti-spyware for eliminating spyware from your device.


Firewall can be referred to as the first-line defense against internet threats. Your OS provides an inbuilt firewall to your device. Mac and iOS devices have a very strong firewall. But due to increasing threats; you need a personal firewall which can create a layer of protection around your network. The firewall monitors the network traffic. If any unauthorized data tries to enter in your device; the firewall blocks the network. You can implement a firewall with software as well as hardware. Firewalls can be implemented to routers and servers. There are also hardware firewalls which are only used for network protection.

Password Managers

Password managers are developed for storing your passwords. Today everyone uses lots of accounts; you need a strong password for every account. But remembering numerous passwords is difficult. Many people use the same password for all accounts, this can be dangerous. If a hacker gets the one password; he can easily access all the accounts. Always use a unique and strong password for your every account. Create a password which can't be guessed. Do not use your phone number, address, pet's name, or any personal information as your password; this kind of password can be guessed easily. With the password manager, you can create strong passwords. You just have to tell the length for the password; your password manager will create unique passwords which can't be guessed. You can store your all passwords and other important information like bank details safely in your password manager. Now you don't have to remember the passwords at all! You just have to remember the master key of your password manager. You can access you all passwords with the key easily.

Encryption Software

Encryption software is designed for preventing data-theft practices. Software programs such as VPN encrypt the data while sending it to the server. If any intruder steals the data; he can only get the data in encrypted form. Data encryption is used for sending sensitive data.

Some other security software tools are monitoring tools, intrusion prevention systems, network security tools, etc.

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Anaya is a Technical Support Manager working at T.T.D. Systems Pvt. Ltd.. She is a expert in online internet security field & writes problem solving blogs for the sake of end users of various antivirus software.

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