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How to stay healthy while studying abroad

Author: Betty White
by Betty White
Posted: Sep 09, 2019
studying abroad

When studying abroad, it can be really hard to adjust to the new lifestyle and culture, let alone to focus on staying healthy. Firstly, you will be preoccupied with all the moving preparations and saying goodbye to everything and everybody you love. Then you have to adjust to your new lifestyle. Everything is going to be completely different from what you are used to. You will be living in a tiny dorm, studying a lot more, sleeping a lot less, eating junk food, and probably going to a lot of parties. When you think about all these things, you will probably see that your health is going to be the first to suffer. You must not allow it. Your health is the most important thing. So, without further ado, here are some tips on how to stay healthy while studying abroad.

Get a Gym Membership

If there is a gym on your campus or close to it, it will be a good idea to get a gym membership. The reason for that is that many students feel motivated doing something they already paid for. So, if the gym is close by and you already took money from your tight budget for it, well you will probably go. You do not have to get personal trainers or exercise every day. Nothing like that. You can go just three of four times a week and that will be perfect for your body and health. Moreover, if you are a freshman, you will be surprised to see how many new people you can actually meet at the gym. Also, do your research before joining the gym as some of them offer a lot of discounts for students.

Exercise at Home

However, if you do not have a gym nearby, or if your budget does not allow going to one, do not worry, there is another solution. You just need to get a yoga mat and that is it. There are many ways to exercise at home, that is in your dorm room without any equipment. Simply find some exercises you can do at home like yoga or pilates or something like that. Yoga is actually the simplest thing to do in your tiny dorm and, trust us, yoga is great for healthy living. Check YuoTube for inspiration. So, when your roommate is out, take your mat, play some music and workout. Even half an hour a day will be enough. Moreover, most campuses have places for exercising, so do your research. Who knows, maybe there is a gym that you do not have to pay for, or maybe there is a park where many other students are already working out together, so explore your options and do not limit yourself.

Cook by Yourself

Well, if you are a student like any other, you will probably rely on junk food or whatever your parents send to you once in a month. This is not a way to stay healthy! Health comes from what you put in your body, that is, what you eat is the foundation of your health. So, step away from that fast food store and go to the supermarket. It is a good idea to buy food items in a bulk. That way, you will save money and time. When you have a day off, make a grocery list, hit the supermarket and stock up on healthy food. You can even prepare a meal if you like. Of course, if you live in the dorm, cooking might be a challenge. In that case, you can buy cereals, cans, fruits, vegetables and anything that can last a bit longer. If you make cooking a habit, you will be surprised how much healthier your diet will be.


Walking is also a great way to be healthy while studying abroad. Basically, anything that makes you move is great. So, if you live far from your university, ditch that car and walk to your classes. Or if you live on the campus, that probably means that you are from out of town, so what are you waiting for? Start exploring the place. Use your weekends for that. If you have a friend who is willing to join you in your sightseeing quest, that is great. But, if you are alone, do not worry, you will be surprised how much you can enjoy walking alone on the streets of a completely new city. You will have a lot of time to think and get to know your new place. Do not use buses and trains, just put on your sneakers, bring water and start walking. You can even go hiking every weekend too. Do that whenever you have free time and when the weather is nice.

Join a Team

If you are an athletic person, why not consider joining some college team? Each university has different sports teams which have practices many times a week. There is always football, volleyball, athletics, and even cheerleading if you are into dancing. Joining teams is a great way to have fun, meet new people and take a break from all the studying, an, of course, partying. Do you research before and after you enroll, you will be surprised to see how many activities each university can offer. Moreover, if you do not like team sports, do not worry, there is even a solution for that. Usually, all universities have swimming practices or tennis practices or similar things you can do alone. All you have to do is research and enroll on time. If you belong to a team, trust us, you will be healthy, have fun and meet friends for life.

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