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How Do I Cook The Perfect Pasta?

Author: Peter Polifroni
by Peter Polifroni
Posted: Sep 19, 2019

Have you ever wondered how to cook fresh Italian pasta the right way? Don’t worry, with these secret tips suggested by the restaurants in Annangrove, you can create the best tasting Italian pasta recipes at home. Pasta is such a versatile and filling food, so it is no wonder that cooks love to make their food menus around it.

  • Use a Large Deep Pot – Never use a small pan or a shallow pan to boil pasta. The restaurants Annangrove, suggest using stainless steel vessels with very thick bottom, so that it can hold lots of water to boil the pasta and it will not get crammed.
  • Water – Make sure that the water in your sink does not taste too much of chlorine, as it might affect the taste of the pasta. This is not just applicable for pasta, but it might influence the taste of other dishes too. So, if your water is tasting chlorine, it is advisable to get a good filtration system for your kitchen.
  • Choose the Right Pasta – Use the pasta that is made from 100% durum-wheat semolina, as it will hold its shape and be juicy. But, this is not enough, you need to buy only Italian imported pasta packets. Make sure that the package you buy reads "Made in Italy," don’t fall for the regular pasta available in the market. The original pasta of the best quality will have a golden colour, with a translucent look. The Italian restaurant in Annangrove, chooses the best imported pasta, this is why the pasta cuisines taste mouth-watering there.
  • Cook pasta only before serving – Don’t cook pasta a long time ahead of serving them. This will make them go cold and lose their unique flavour. This is one of the secret ideas followed by the restaurant in Annangrove road to retain the unique flavour of the pasta dish.
  • Use only One pasta shape in the same dish – Different pasta shapes are unique in their own way and hold a different cooking time. Moreover, their ability to hold sauce also varies, so don’t mix different pasta shapes in one dish.
  • Add a glass of water before you drain - Once when the pasta is cooked, add a glass of cold water and then drain the pasta. Don’t drain too much and make it dry. The texture has to be glossy with some moistness in it.
  • Stay Attentive - Pasta can get overcooked easily, or stick to the bottom of the pan if you are careless. So, always keep an eye on the pan when you are cooking.

Hopefully these secret tips used by the Italian restaurant Annangrove, proved to be useful to you. Follow these tips and enjoy perfect pasta every time.

The author works as a chef in one of the best restaurants in Annangrove. He is also a frequent blogger who offers various recipes and tips in his blog. Visit for more details.

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