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Stylish High Visibility Clothing

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Jul 14, 2014
high visibility

Believe it or not, stylish and fashionable high visibility safety clothing does exist! Being safe should always be number one priority but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your favorite fashion styles. Clothing that meets the safety and reflective clothing requirements yet still remains to be chic is widely available in all types of garments including high visibility t shirts, sweatshirts, hats and sweatpants. Not only are there large varieties of fashionable clothing options available but they are also available in many different colors including orange, green, yellow, blue and red and even more colors available on high visibility t shirts with reflective taping.

Besides high visibility t shirts, sweatpants, and hoodies, safety glasses are always a good idea to wear on the job to protect your eyes. Standard safety glasses are the furthest thing from stylish but thankfully there are new varieties available that can fit everyone’s personal style. Almost 1,000 eye injuries occur on jobsites every single day, mostly due to falling objects, with chemicals, dust, and medical waste following closely behind. You want to keep your eyes protected but you also want to look good while at work; new styles of safety glasses are designed almost to look like designer sunglasses in many different colors such as red, brown, gray, and blue mirrored lenses.

Many studies show that work-site injuries occur more often when people are not utilizing the proper safety attire. Wearing simple equipment such as a hardhat, work boots, safety glasses, and a high visibility t shirt in conjunction with proper safety guidelines, the chances are greatly reduced that a work injury will occur. The bottom line to keep employees safe is to focus on the proper safety procedures as well as work attire.

To keep in style with up to date trends as well as safety, new products are constantly being released to increase the likelihood that people will wear their safety clothing. One of the more impressive products to be released in recent years is a reflective ink for screen printing to create High Visibility T Shirts and other clothing. Logos and companies names can be printed with this ink or it can be purchased for you to create your own custom wear that you will be proud to show off at work. This is a great alternative to gaudy reflective tape, especially for casual bikers and joggers who want to look fashionable while near dangerous roads.

When looking at the big picture, looking good while at work or exercising is not the number one priority but it is nice to feel good about yourself while also being protected. Thanks to safety clothes manufacturers keeping to their high standards and producing high visibility t shirts, jackets, and pants in fashionable styles and varieties, everyone can now be excited to pick out their morning attire before heading off to work or on their morning job.

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Author: Robert Smith
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