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Why You Should Try These Out-of-the-Box PPC Advertising Ideas?

Author: Online Branding Solution
by Online Branding Solution
Posted: Sep 26, 2019
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To achieve the maximum profit for any business, you have to think something out of the box. The general procedure is followed by all the marketers then what is that ex-factor you have which will make you a market leader. For achieving the height, you have to think different and do things differently. You have to come out of your comfort zone and have to think out of the box. In the Digital Marketing world, the techniques are the same for all but people use them in a different way to achieve their goals.

To make your marketing efforts more accurate and result-oriented, you have to be more creative in their implementation. Below are a few of the popular methods, explore them:

Google & Microsoft Ads Site links

These are easy to set up and if creatively done then very fruitful. It drives to deeper content on the website. Create better site links like Blog posts, Videos, Case studies, Podcasts, Testimonials, Project galleries, Whitepapers, Research etc.

Countdown Ad Customizer Timer

This is an ad customizer in Google Ads for the countdown timer. It can increase the visibility of your ads and while communicating a sense of urgency to your call-to-action. It literally counts down by day, hour, and then minute as the event time draws near. The events can be Sales events, Grand openings, Product launch, New content/blog post released, Live Twitter chats, Live webinars/Video streams, News announcements, etc.

Twitter Follower Campaigns

Promote your twitter account through your website and social media platform and gain more followers organically. Although Twitter has "followers" campaigns that can also help to boost your follower base. You can go for campaigns like awareness campaigns, video, website traffic, and apps. Explore the options and find one that complements other advertising efforts.

Amazon’s Demand Side Platform (DSP)

It is similar to Google Display Network – ads are served on Amazon and partner sites and link directly back to your website, not Amazon. It offers audience targeting in retargeting, in-market, and lifestyle segments.

Price Extensions

Can use this in both Microsoft Ads and Google Ads, price extensions show a product or service and associated unit price. Use price qualifier like "from", "up to" or "average", makes opportunities more flexible.

Custom Intent Audiences in Search

Laser focus your efforts by creating your own custom intent audience as there are hundreds of audiences to target on Google Display Network. Be creative and use keywords, video, apps, URLs that uniquely fit your business. Keep in mind that for setup, custom audiences are applied at the ad group level where you can define in-market audiences, demographics, keywords, topics, and placements.

Microsoft Ads Local Inventory Ads

Microsoft Ads offers one of the few tactics to drive traffic to physical locations with local inventory ads. It allows retailers to bridge the gap between online and in-store inventory availability to customers nearby.

There are many common ad features that can be used in unique ways to support your advertising goals. You have to be more thoughtful and creative while implementing the strategies.


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