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Factors to Consider While Choosing an Estate Sale Company

Author: John Alex
by John Alex
Posted: Sep 23, 2019
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At some point in life, you might face a situation which prompts you to sell the contents of your home or commercial property. Of course, you’d want to make the best of the sale and get the whole exercise done within your desired time frame. In as much as you’d be tempted to do the transaction on your own to avoid liquidation fees, involving an estate sale company is the most efficient decision. The agent will not only save you time, but has networks which can make your items go at higher prices, increasing your chances for more profit. Besides, holding such a sale on your own, especially if you have lots of items to sell, can be a very stressful activity. An estate sale is considered as one of the most complicated tasks. To avoid the stress and concentrate on your regular and important stuff, an estate sale company comes in handy.

However, just like in any other field, estate sale business has genuine agents, such as Attics to Basements Estate Sales Company, and crooks, thanks to inadequate regulations. As such, you need to tread the field with an extra keen eye, ear and spirit, to ensure that you get an expert that will help you achieve your target without tussles. On that note, let’s have a look at some of the important things you need to consider in an estate sale company before hiring one:

  1. Level of professionalism

You are already dealing with emotional issues trying to come to terms with the impending departure of your valued items. You don’t want anything else or anybody that that can escalate the feeling. Hiring an agent who doesn’t cooperate with you well, maintain good communication or play hide and seek games with you will leave you in a bad situation.

Therefore, before you engage one, assess their level of professionalism. An authentic professional company usually has an online presence with many positive user reviews that surpass the negative the negative ones. If a company shies from going online, you should think twice about hiring it. Also, a company with an online presence but with lots of unresolved complaints is a red flag too.

To have a deeper understanding of the professionalism of a company, it’s important to interview it first before sealing a deal. In the interview, take note of how they respond to your question, how long they take to give you a reply and their transparency. Interview at least three companies and select the one that seems to be the most professional.

  1. Experience and Scope of services

Some people who want to dispose their estate properties tend to rush to estate sale companies with the least fees or commission rates. However, if you want to get the best from your engagement with an estate sale company, don’t focus only on the percentage charged. You also need to consider if the scope of their services corresponds to your needs and if they are well experienced enough to help you reach your sale target. Their website or physical marketing write-ups like flyers and brochures can give you an idea of the list of services that they offer. You can also contact a company to confirm the same. As for the level of experience of a company, its user reviews can give you a good hint. A highly experienced estate sale company with services that match your needs can help get more money from your estate sale than an amateur one, even if the former charges a higher percentage.

  1. Written contract

Any business deal where monies are exchanging hand should be based on a written contract. Do away with a company that won’t agree to have a written contract with you before the commencement of the sale of your item. Nevertheless, even if there’s a contract, take your time to read it comprehensively and ensure that you understand the services you are going to get, the amount you’ll be charged and how soon you’ll get your sale proceeds. It’s important that you digest the information to make the best possible decision.

Those are some of the factors that you can’t afford to overlook if you are indeed serious with your estate sale. If you are in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex, rest assured that you can’t go wrong withAttics to Basements Estate Sales Company. It is among the most active and trusted estate liquidator companies in the locality.

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