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Which Flour Is Best For Pizza?

Author: Peter Polifroni
by Peter Polifroni
Posted: Sep 27, 2019

With many choices of pizza dough becoming popular and more available every day, it is very important to choose the right type of dough when you are attempting to make pizza. But it is not complicated at all. Different types of flour will give you different results, so you should try on your own to find the one that tastes best for you. Here is some of the popular flour types used for pizza by the restaurants in Annangrove, they are –

  • All-purpose Flour – Just as the name sounds, this flour is almost good for making any type of food. It really tastes good as dough in the pizza recipes. If you are looking to make Sicilian and deep-dish pizza crusts, New York-style, and the Neapolitan-style pizzas the all-purpose flour is a great choice to consider. This is the highly favoured choice of the Italian restaurant Annangrove.
  • Tapioca Flour – This flour is gluten free and very smooth as it comes from the roots of cassava. It adds a chewy texture to the crust of pizza. The pizza restaurant Annangrove, offers gluten free pizza using the dough made from tapioca flour.
  • White Rice Flour - A great flour to consider for gluten-free baking. It is made from polished white rice, and tastes great when blended with other types of flour due to its bland taste.
  • Corn Flour – crushed from corn, this flour can be easily blended with cornmeal to create a muffin type of texture and taste. The Italian restaurant Annangrove uses this flour to create the Chicago style pizza pies.
  • The 00 Flour – The most expensive dough is made from the Caputo Tipo 00 flour. ’00’ is referred to the texture of the flour, as it has the finest grind. When dough is made with this flour, it gives out a crust which is chewy with the right amount of puff on the edges of the crust. This dough is best suited to make Neapolitan-style pizza, which is thin in the middle part and puffs around the edges.
  • Bread Flour – The most preferred choice of people who bake pizza at home. This flour is easy to find in any grocery store and is very affordable. This flour gives out a crispy and chewy and textured pizza, but sometimes, it might become hard to extend it to the right shape.

Choosing the right type of flour is the basic step to make a great pizza. Though there might not be an absolute answer for – which is the best flour for the pizza dough, you must understand that each flour type contributes in its own way to each pizza recipes. Each flour type offers different consistency levels and it is up to you to decide on the best flour to make the finest crust for your pizza. Have fun experimenting on the above mentioned flour types and take pleasure in tasting many pizza recipes.

The author is an experienced chef at an Italian restaurant Annangrove. He is also a frequent blogger who offers various recipes and tips on making pizza in his blog. Visit for more details.

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