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Make Your Website Faster with These Optimisation Tips

Author: Chris Walker
by Chris Walker
Posted: Sep 27, 2019

The first three seconds that visitors spend browsing a website are the most crucial. If a website is slow, visitors might leave in search of a faster, better website. Since providing a fast online experience is one of the most effective ways of retaining users, the performance of a website is critical. If you have a slow loading website, you might be looking at a higher bounce rate and potential loss of sales. Below given are a few website optimisation tips that you can implement to enhance the performance of your website, decrease the bounce rate and increase user engagement.

Reduce the size of images

For an aesthetically pleasing website, good quality pictures are a must-have component. However, large files can lead to poor website performance. To maintain the quality of the images, but augment speed, decrease image size. There are quite a few tools that can help you with this task. Alternatively, you can reach out to an agency specialising in London website optimization in Liverpool who will have the right resources, tools and expertise to reduce the size of images without hampering its quality.

Enable website caching

If several people are accessing your website at once, it can make the database servers deliver the page slowly. You can increase speed by caching the current version of your website on the content delivery network of your web host. This means that your website’s copy will be saved on servers in various locations. So, when visitors are trying to access your website, the content will get loaded from the nearest server, and the page will load faster.

Make use of fewer plug-ins

Plug-ins for having specific features on the website are common. But, if you use too many plug-ins, it can cause your website to load slower. You can run performance tests to examine which plug-ins are slowing down the performance of your website. It is widely estimated that removing unnecessary or old plug-ins can increase website speed by 75%.

Fewer redirects

Even though website redirects can be useful, they tend to create extra HTTP requests. These additional requests can slow down your website. You can run a scan to analyse all website redirects and just leave the important ones in place. Doing this task manually can be overwhelmingly time-consuming, and so, it is best to engage professionals who have access to proper tools. They can take care of this task in less time.

These are a few of the website optimisation tips that you can consider if your website is lagging. For more such tips, reach out to a professional website optimisation agency in Liverpool and request for a thorough website audit.

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