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Top Business VoIP Features & Benefits

Author: Voip Business
by Voip Business
Posted: Oct 12, 2019
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VoIP Business services offer a plethora of features with service plans. Some features are designed to streamline the process of call management while others improve the customer experience and help teams work in collaboration. While there is a wide range of feature but we are going to discuss some VoIP features which have proven to be a game-changer.

1. Auto Attendant

An auto attendant can answer calls and route them to the right department or extension immediately. This can improve the customer experience greatly. A basic auto attendant offers simplified features such as pre-recorded messages and a library for hold music options. A basic auto attendant is beneficial for freelancers or solopreneurs who require an extra hand for answering calls.

There is also a multilevel auto attendant that includes more advanced business VoIP features such as the facility to route incoming calls to multiple numbers and customizable greetings. These attendants are beneficial for enterprises and call centres that handle high call volumes.

2. Caller ID

The inbound Caller ID feature provides key data about callers before the phone is answered including phone number and name. This feature is beneficial for blocking unknown or anonymous calls and it also helps auto attendants to route known callers to pre-designated destinations. The outbound caller ID allows extension users to choose which caller ID to use when making an outbound call, which is important for anybody using their phone for work.

3. Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is a feature that ensures that a call never goes unanswered. When you activate call forwarding on a number, all inbound calls to that phone line are redirected to another selected number or an answering service. Hence, this is an ideal solution for businesses that don’t want to forward important phone calls to voicemail.

4. SMS Text Messaging

SMS or text messaging is a Business VoIP feature that allows users to send and receive messages on their business phones. It also provides an additional communication channel for customers and provides business owners with a way to respond to missed calls discreetly and quickly. Also, text messaging is great for businesses that want to target markets that prefer communication by text instead of a phone.

5. Call Hold and Call Transfer

Call hold and call transfer features are offered by the majority of VoIP service providers. Once a call is placed on hold, a user can transfer them to another phone number or extension. A lot of phone systems provide users an option of blind call transfer or assisted call transfer where they send can stay on the line to ensure the call gets answered.

6. Call Screening

A call screening feature puts customers in control of calls. The caller ID details allow users to decide whether to pick up the call, decline it or send it to voicemail. Some VoIP providers pair call screening features with call block which allows users to specify the phone numbers that should be allowed to ring through. Call screening is a beneficial tool for businesses that want to prioritise calls when answering their phones.

7. Call Recording

The call recording feature allows businesses to record calls for quality assurance and training. Depending on the phone system and the service plan, calls might be recorded companywide or for some specific phone numbers or extensions. Also, some [providers offer cloud storage space to store recording indefinitely or temporarily. Call centres and enterprises that take a lot of calls will want call recording.

8. Call Flip

Call flip allows users to transfer calls from one device to another device with just a press of a button while the call remains in progress without being disconnected. This feature is helpful when a user’s mobile battery is about to die and they need to switch to a desk phone or they are leaving the office and would like to move the call to their mobile without hanging up. Call flip is beneficial for businesses and workers on the go and wants to stay professional with the clients.

9. Video Conferencing

Video conference feature facilitates multi-person video meetings. This feature usually includes tools like screen sharing, screen drawing and more. Video conferencing is a beneficial VoIP feature for remote businesses and teams that want to meet with clients’ in-person but it isn’t possible.

10. Voicemail

Basic voicemail feature allows callers to leave messages and it also notifies the users that they have messages waiting. The advanced voicemail feature includes transcription services and custom greetings. This feature is beneficial as it allows businesses to accommodate consumers who call when the offices are closed.

11. Conference Bridge

A conference bridge feature allows users to hold meetings with dozen or even hundreds of participants through a desktop, Smartphone, laptop or any internet-connected device with a microphone. This feature is beneficial for sales agents and consultants who make multi-person calls frequently.

12. Business Tool Integration

Some VoIP service features also include integration with business tools such as chat, support ticket system and email to keep teams connected and working efficiently. Also, some features support tools for sales teams like customer relationship management (CRM) application integration for documenting the interactions with customers and automatic diallers.

13. Hot Desking

The host desking feature allows users to log into a shared desk phone to access personalised settings and profiles. It is a great way to give employees access to their voicemail and other VoIP Features from any office telephone while also minimising the hardware cost. Hot desking is beneficial for businesses with remote workers, field agents and off-site employees who simply need access to on-site phones occasionally.

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