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Launching a New Website? Here’s an SEO Checklist

Author: Chris Walker
by Chris Walker
Posted: Oct 13, 2019

SEO or search engine optimisation is an important factor in making sure that websites get the traffic it deserves. SEO helps business websites reach the targeted audience in the best possible way and at the right time. Simply put, SEO is indispensable for the success of websites.

To make the best use of business resources and time, it is crucial that you have your SEO tactic implemented correctly before your website is launched. As a business owner, you would want your website to be ready on day one so that you can immediately gain traffic. If you are unsure where to start, take a look below at the SEO checklist.

Choose a unique domain name

Choosing the right name for your website is vital for ensuring that your audience can easily find you online. It is critical for your domain name to reflect what your website is about. Search engines do not just look at the headings on the webpages to know what a brand is about, but they also analyse the URL and domain name.

In addition to the domain name, you also need to select a reputable and reliable website host that will load your webpages as fast as possible. Most users will wait for about 3 seconds before abandoning a website that loads slowly. You can reach out to the best SEO company if you face any trouble choosing the right domain name and host.

Design a ‘coming soon’ page

When you have chosen and set up the domain name for your website, you need to design a ‘coming soon’ page containing a few lines of enticing text to get your audience interested. You can also use images to drop hints about your brand. When users visit your page, your website will be remembered by their browsers. This will increase the chances that they will visit again when your website is up and running. Make sure to optimise this page for search engines and pay attention to meta descriptions and titles.

Prepare your content

Blog posts and articles are a wonderful way to reach and engage your audience. Blogging also offers opportunities for providing your audience with valuable and relevant information regarding your products or services. If you properly optimise your blog posts, it can even enhance your chances of ranking in the top on SERPs.

However, you have to ensure to only creating and posting original, informative and engaging blog posts. Blogs can answer the questions that your potential customers are asking or they can offer great insight about the use and benefits of your products or services. It can even be used to let the audience know of any special announcements or achievements. It will also be beneficial for you to explore the option of guest blogging.

Research and prioritise keywords

For your website’s SEO, keyword research is one of the most crucial things that you can do. Performing keyword research is vital both before and after the launch of your website. This helps in finding the terms and phrases that the audience is frequently using. Keyword research gives a solid understanding of which phrases or words to target and include in the website copy, which will lead to increasing website traffic. Once you have gathered the keywords, you need to work them into your website’s content and blog posts. However, make sure not to stuff your content with too many keywords as that will result in search engines penalising your website.

These are a few of the SEO elements that you need to take care of before the launch of your website. For more information, reach out to the best SEO company. A professional agency will have an experienced team and all the resources required to implement a results-driven SEO strategy to help your website get traffic and stand out in the online world.

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