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Best ways to help your employees relocate

Author: Betty White
by Betty White
Posted: Oct 11, 2019
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Moving a company from one location to another will be stressful for all employees. For both the ones that are moving with you and the ones that stay behind. This event can break down intra-company trust or it can be a bonding experience that employees enjoy. It all depends on how the company handles the details and moving conditions. While reliable residential movers can take care of all the physical aspects of your relocation, as an employee it is your job to tend the needs of your workers and keep them at ease. Check out some of the best ways to help your employees relocate with a smile.

One of the best ways to help your employees relocate is to offer financial compensation

Las Vegas business transition, for example, isn't cheap at all. When you are relocating your business to another city, you should compensate for the moving costs of your employees. If you wish to keep them, that is.

Relocating for a job is a big decision that affects every aspect of your employee's life. While the popular belief is that everybody is replaceable, it's not quite true in practice. Sure, you can find a completely new team in the city you're relocating your company to. However, you'll have to invest a lot of time and money in training and candidate selection. That can put a hold on your business activities.

Put it on paper - compare the moving expenses of your employees to the costs of starting fresh in the new city. Include the loses you will have until you put your business on its feet with the new team in a new city. Those can be much higher than to simply cover the moving costs of your most trusted workers.

After all, you are the one who is forcing this change. The least you can do for people who are loyal to your firm and ready to move along with it, it to reimburse the cost that this transition will cause them.

If you can't stretch for the full one, even the partial compensation will show that you care for your employees. Anyways, you should count in the reimbursement of the moving costs of your employees in your budget. In a situation that you can't cover them, ask yourself is this even the right time for moving your business.

Don't overload them with work

Employees who are participating in this adventure will need time to get their affairs in order. Planning a move is never easy, and you can help them by recommending the best movers Lexington MA has to offer. If you are covering their moving expenses, select the movers yourself and take a little load off their backs.

Better yet, be understanding and don't overwork your employees. As their leader, it is your job to make this transition easier. At the same time, you have to make a plan so that move doesn't affect your business.

Set up a schedule in a way that your employees can balance their work obligations, and leave plenty of room for packing and physically moving.

Include them in making this schedule, so your employees can see your willingness to do what's necessary in order to make this transition smoother for them.

Be clear about expectations - it's one of the best ways to help your employees relocate

When you're moving your company along with the workforce, there will be a lot of questions to cover. Some of them maybe didn't cross your mind and they are very important to your employees.

For example:

  • How much time will your employees have to move before they report to work in the new location?
  • Do they have to come to the current office every single day?
  • Will you give them time to adapt to a new environment?
  • In case they need more time to organize and move to a new location, will they have to use their vacation days?
  • If you are offering reimbursement for the moving costs, does this apply only to the employee in question or for its family also?

Knowing answers to these questions ahead of time will keep your employees in peace. They have to know exactly what are you are expecting of them and by what conditions. It will ensure transparency and equal treatment of all employees.

It is always easier to manage expectations when all the details are clearly on display. It will help you to avoid common complications with office relocation and make everything easier for everyone involved.

Understand that you will have to say some goodbyes

Before you start preparing employees for a relocation, you should first determine which ones are ready to make this step. Some people don't like changes, especially big ones like this one. No matter how valuable they are for the company, you have to accept the fact that this act can cost you some employees. For the ones who don't want to move, forcing them to do so will probably lead to a resignation.

If they are of big importance to your business, consider the possibility of them working remotely (if possible). Even for a time been, until you find a good replacement. After all, when applicable, having remote workers comes with many benefits and it can cut your costs significantly.

Also, be kind to the people who are in the company for years, but don't want to follow you on this moving adventure. Offering them to stay on the payroll and work remotely until they find new jobs. If that's not applicable, offer them suitable compensation. It will show the employees that are coming with you that you will take care of them. Not to mention it is a decent thing to do.

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