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6 Useful Things to Remember While Selecting your new Cricket Bat

Author: Michael Henry
by Michael Henry
Posted: Nov 07, 2019

Cricket is a high-tech game that most of the times come down to the cricket players having the best cricket equipment. Selecting a new cricket bat from a wide range of brands & types can be overwhelming. If you need to buy a new cricket bat, then you should know some key-points which are useful for buying new cricket bats. Unless you know about the good key-points for selecting a cricket bat then you are sure to be cheated. Almost all cricket bat looks the same which can make your selection tougher.

So, here are some of the most essential things to remember in mind while selecting your new cricket bat:

(I) Bat Size:

Cricket bat comes in a wide range of sizes. People usually think that a bigger & heavier bat is better, but that’s not the truth. Because if you are a beginner level player or just started playing cricket then a bigger bat will be more difficult to handle. Select that cricket bat which can match up with your height.

(II) Bat Weight:

Apart from bat length, the other important factor which can have a huge impact on your game is the weight of your cricket bat. Cricket bats can be either lightweight or Heavier. Select the weight of your cricket bat according to your strength & feel on it.

  • Lightweight bats require less strength, faster swings & easy to handle and results in great control; strengths the strokes with powerful hitting.
  • Heavier bats are more durable instead of Lightweight bats & can provide a good impact on the ball and result in added an additional power to the strokes.

Quick, Short, Control? An English Willow Lightweight bat can be better for you. Durable, Strong & Powerful? A Kashmir Willow Heavier bat would be good enough.

(III) Ball Type:

Cricket bat can be played with numerous balls i.e. Leather, Rubber, Tennis, etc. While buying a new cricket bat, consider the type of bat which you are going to play with.

For playing with tennis balls, you should need a hard bat as these balls are heavier. For playing with Leather & rubber balls, you should need a lightweight bat as these balls help in hitting powerful shots.

(IV) Bat Willow:

Cricket Bats usually made with different grades of willow & willow are also of two types: English Willow & Kashmir Willow. In General, English Willow is superior as compared to Kashmir Willow because of its flexibility, lightweight, grades, etc.

Kashmir willow bat is superior for beginners & for those who are new to the game whereas English willow bat is superior for recreational & advanced level players.

See, my other article - English Willow vs Kashmir Willow- Which one should I buy? for more details.

Apart from bat willow type, there’s also one key-point that should need to be considered while purchasing is "Grade". Grade of English willow bat ranges from 1 to 5 where Grade 1 is considered as the most superior, yet expensive too.

So, while selecting the grade of your cricket bat, consider your devotion to the cricket, budget, and level of skills.

(V) Bat Handle:

However, the Handle is also a crucial part of the bat. Without having an appropriate grip, you won't be able to hit the shots directly. Bat Handle helps in reducing the shock which one gets while hitting the cricket ball. Moreover, Bat Handle is also categorized into two types: oval & round.

Strong & Directional Control?? An oval handle bat is better for you. Powerful & Firm Grip?? A round handle bat is a superior choice for you.

(VI) Grains, Pitch & Style:

Grains on bats i.e. visible lines on the front of the bat can help you in improving your performance. More the grains result in superior performance & vice-versa. Moreover, pitches are also playing an important role in the sport of cricket.

Concerning Pitches with Lower Bounces, Lower middle bats are superior options to choose whereas pitches with Higher Bounces, Higher middle bats are more favorable to select.

However, your particular style of batting should also be considered while selecting a bat. Lower middle bats are a great option to choose by Front foot style players whereas Back foot style players always prefer higher middle bats.

Wrapping Up:

Having excellent cricket equipment won’t make you an excellent cricket player. However, strengthening yourself with the superior & most flexible cricket equipment can help you in achieving superior performance & skills. So, do keep in mind the above-written points while the selection of a new cricket bat as this will show a better impact on your game.

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Michael Henry is an online blogger & content writer with a deep knowledge of multiple fields like online sporting goods, Study MBBS Abroad. He works in a Overseas MBBS Consultancy company.

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